Somebody Else's Kids Character Descriptions

Torey Hayden
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Lori Sjokheim

This child is known for being very caring and has trouble with learning due to trauma sustained as a child.

Boothe Birney Franklin

This student is often distracted and is said to be unable to feel or understand pain.


This child is full of anger, fear, and fantasy stories.


This individual is often withdrawn and believes in fairy tale endings.

Torey Hayden

This teacher is in charge of children who require specific needs.

Birk Jones

This individual is amazed by another person's teaching abilities.

Libby Sjokheim

This person is surprisingly healthy and looks for assurance about the well-being of their sibling.

Mr. Sjokheim

This person is labeled as caring and loving; they also fought hard for the adoption rights of their children.


This individual is just a name and is never really the story.

Edna Thorson

This person is a strong believer in...

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