Somebody Else's Kids Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Torey Hayden
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Chapters One through Three

• Torey Hayden is a resource teacher who is following the federal mandate that special needs children be mainstreamed.

• Torey spends a few hours each day with small groups of 2-5 children.

• Boothe Birney Franklin (Boo) starts going to Torey's class because he continues to destroy his kindergarten classroom.

• Boo is a seven year-old who is probably autistic.
• When Boo arrives to Torey's classroom, he screams and continues to do so before he runs away from Torey and out of the room.

• Lori is the second student to join Torey's class.

• Lori is a twin who has brain damage due to abuses sustained as a child.
• Lori spends her mornings in Edna Thorsen's classroom and her afternoons in Torey's class.

• Lori is upset by Edna because Edna forces her to finish her homework before being allowed to go outside to recess.

• Due to the brain...

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