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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 13, what does Misako wish she had not done?
(a) Held a grudge against Kaname for so long.
(b) Dated Aso.
(c) Lied to her fahter.
(d) Had a child.

2. What does Misako's father say Kaname did by urging her to date Aso?
(a) Put her in a situation she could not back out of.
(b) Ruined Misako's reputation.
(c) Made it impossible for Misako's father to forgive Kaname.
(d) Admitted Aso was a better man than he.

3. What kind of people are said to have a popular tradition of going on pilgrimage in Chapter 7?
(a) Widows and widowers.
(b) Farmers.
(c) Stylish gentlemen.
(d) Elderly people.

4. What kind of woman does Misako's father say Misako is?
(a) An old-fashioned one.
(b) An idealistic one.
(c) An obedient one.
(d) A modern one.

5. What does Kaname give Misako permission to do in her affair with Aso?
(a) Make wedding plans.
(b) Sleep with Aso.
(c) Have a child together.
(d) Move in with Aso.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does O-hisa need Misako's father to help her with in Chapter 10?

2. Where does Louise claim to be from?

3. Who were the originators of Japanese puppets?

4. Where does Misako's father take her in Chapter 14?

5. What does Kaname do while Misako and her father are out in Chapter 14?

Short Essay Questions

1. When does the hotel manager suggest Misako's father and his party should attend the theater? When does Misako's father want to go?

2. In Chapter 13, what does Kaname find out from the letter from Takanatsu?

3. What does Kaname think about the relationship between his father-in-law and O-hisa in Chapter 9?

4. What does Loiuse ask Kaname for before he leaves the brothel?

5. What popular tradition among stylish gentlemen is explained in Chapter 9?

6. What does Kaname think about as he tries to fall asleep in Chapter 9?

7. In Chapter 8, what does Kaname recall about the early stages of his marriage's breakdown?

8. How did Hiroshi find out about his parents' separation?

9. Why do O-hisa and Misako's father have such difficulty tying her kimono sash?

10. What establishment does Kaname go to when he reaches Kobe? Why does Kaname like to go to this place?

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