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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Misako happy Takanatsu is taking Hiroshi away for a few days?
(a) Hiroshi hasn't had much fun lately.
(b) She can find out how well she can cope without Hiroshi.
(c) She wants a few days of quiet.
(d) She wants Hiroshi to experience life in Tokyo.

2. What do Kaname and Takanatsu agree on in reference to Kaname's and Misako's personalities?
(a) They don't think before they act.
(b) They are naive.
(c) They are optimists.
(d) They are procrastinators.

3. Why does Takanatsu joke that Kaname will ruin his second marriage?
(a) Because Kaname will feel guilt about Misako.
(b) Because Kaname is a woman-worshipper.
(c) Because Kaname is not suited to marriage.
(d) Because Kaname is incapable of being happy.

4. In Chapter 3, after the puppet show ends, what does Misako indicate it is a good time to do?
(a) To go to the restroom.
(b) To call home to check on their son.
(c) For her and Kaname to leave.
(d) To order some food.

5. What does Misako avoid as she helps Kaname dress for the show?
(a) Lifting her injured arm.
(b) Stepping on Kaname's feet.
(c) Knocking over a glass of water.
(d) Making eye contact.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kaname say would make it much easier for him to leave Misako?

2. What does Misako say Aso hates in Chapter 6?

3. When does Misako note she and Kaname get along much better?

4. What breed of dog does Takanatsu bring for Hiroshi?

5. How is Misako and Kaname's relationship affected when Takanatsu is around?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Kaname wish Misako was a loose woman?

2. What holiday does Misako think about in Chapter 6? What does she wonder about this day?

3. In chapter 3, what does Kaname consider he has always hated? What does Kaname admit Osaka reminds him of?

4. In Chapter 5, what does Kaname realize he has been looking for during his entire marriage?

5. What does Takanatsu advise Hiroshi about getting his two dogs to be friends?

6. Why does Misako think communication is improved with Kaname when Takanatsu mediates?

7. What does Kaname think about on the train ride to the puppet theater?

8. Why is Misako glad that Takanatsu is taking Hiroshi to Tokyo for a few days?

9. Why is Kaname conflicted about going to the puppet theater with his father-in-law?

10. How does Kaname think Osakans are different from Tokyoites?

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