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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kaname think Misako's father treats O-hisa?
(a) Like a wife.
(b) Like a pet.
(c) Like a daughter.
(d) Like a servant.

2. What are the audience members drinking during the puppet plays?
(a) Beer.
(b) Sake.
(c) Barley tea.
(d) Shochu.

3. How long does O-hisa wander around looking for a bathroom?
(a) Ten minutes.
(b) Forty-five minutes.
(c) Two hours.
(d) An hour.

4. Where have Western-style buildings been erected in Japan?
(a) Only in Tokyo and Osaka.
(b) In areas with many foreign inhabitants.
(c) Mainly on university campuses.
(d) In areas affected by natural disasters.

5. Who is the old house Kaname visits in Chapter 12 used for?
(a) A library.
(b) A clinic.
(c) A government building.
(d) A brothel.

6. What does Kaname decide at the end of the novel?
(a) That he will help Louise.
(b) That he wants a divorce.
(c) That he will take a mistress.
(d) That he will stay with Misako.

7. How does Misako's father criticize O-hisa's singing?
(a) He says she is off key.
(b) He says she doesn't know the words.
(c) He says she sings too sweetly.
(d) He says she sounds like a child.

8. How does Takanatsu feel about Misako's situation with Aso in Chapter 7?
(a) He is confused.
(b) He is saddened.
(c) He is relieved.
(d) He is worried.

9. What are Misako's clothes made of?
(a) Cotton.
(b) Silk.
(c) Satin.
(d) Rayon.

10. What does Kaname wonder about O-hisa in Chapter 9?
(a) What she truely feels for Misako's father.
(b) What her family think of her.
(c) Whether she will ever be a respectable woman.
(d) Whether she tires of her lifestyle.

11. For what reason does Kaname say men usually make promises to women?
(a) To deceive them.
(b) To get a promise of marriage.
(c) To please them.
(d) To please their families.

12. How does Misako's father react to the news of their divorce?
(a) He is happy.
(b) He is disappointed.
(c) He is enraged.
(d) He thinks it's a joke.

13. How did Misako deal with Kaname's neglect?
(a) She started seeing other men.
(b) She cried at night.
(c) She did everything she could to please Kaname.
(d) She had a baby in hopes of improving her marriage.

14. What does Kaname say has caused Misako to develop a hard, bitter edge?
(a) Her relationship with O-hisa.
(b) Trying to protect herself.
(c) His treatment of her.
(d) Having to do what other people tell her to.

15. What does O-hisa apply to her skin while Misako's father and Kaname wait?
(a) White powder.
(b) Sunblock.
(c) Perfume.
(d) A bug repellant.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Kaname say he feels about Misako going to Aso?

2. How do the people in the puppet theater behave?

3. How many holy places will Misako's father's pilgrimage stop at?

4. What happens to the puppeteers as the puppet plays go on in Chapter 11?

5. Why does Takanatsu refuse to mediate between Kaname and Misako any longer in Chapter 8?

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