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This place represents very old-fashioned, countrified ways of doing things.


This place represents the wave of modern times and technology.

Benten Puppet Theater

Kaname is surprised to find that he enjoys a performance at this place.


This is where Aso lives.


This is where Louise lives.


This is the beginning point for a route that includes thirty-three sacred shrines.


This place is also known as Puppet Town.


This is the name of the greyhound that Takanatsu brings as a gift for Hiroshi.


This is the name of Kaname and Misako's collie.

O-hisa's Samisen

This is the name of a traditional Japanese stringed instrument, similar to a sitar or lute.

Louise's Powder

This is used by one of the characters to appear paler.

Bunraku Puppets

These are used to entertain adults, often in the form of an opera.

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