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Chapters 1-2

• Kaname and Misako are trying to decide whether to the puppet theater with Misako's father. Misako says she will go if Kaname does.

• Kaname decides to go to see his father-in-law as a last gesture of familial respect.

• Kaname suspects Misako would rather see her boyfriend Aso, than to go to the puppet theater.

• On the train ride Kaname thinks about how he and Misako will tell their son Hiroshi about their plans to divorce.

• Kaname and Misako treat each other politely. They do not fight. There is no passion between them.

• Kaname and Misako act carefully in their relationship for if they handle their divorce incorrectly it could ruin them socially. Misako is especially at risk of her reputation being ruined.

• O-hisa is Misako's father's young beautiful mistress. Misako hates her. O-hisa dutifully cares for Misako's father.

• Kaname sees O-hisa and thinks how nice it...

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