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Mariama Ba
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator do to fill the void her husband's loss leaves?

2. How does the narrator view herself at age fifty?

3. In what academic class is Mawdo Fall having difficulties?

4. What does the narrator tell the answer to question #120 in response to his offer of marriage?

5. Who pushes Aissatou, the narrator's daughter, to tell her mother about a difficult situation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Women have little economic or political power in Senegal at the time this book is set in the 1950-1960s. Research how if at all, Senegal has changed since the time of the setting of this book in terms of the equality between men and women. Would you want to live in a culture as that of Senegal of that time? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Much is written in this book about the fact that education is necessary for a country to grow and become strong economically and to bring about equality of the sexes. The United States educational system is said to be on the decline, which may result in the United States being less competitive in the marketplace in the future. Research educational systems in several countries around the world; choose at least one country considered to be "third world," and one labeled "Western world." Compare and contrast their educational systems. How has the availability or lack of educational opportunities helped or hurt a country's general living conditions? In your opinion, what does the United States need to do to improve their educational system?

Essay Topic 3

Ramatoulaye, the narrator is dealing with the grief of the death of her husband, whom she still loves, though he abandoned her. Grief is an integral aspect of every culture, though different cultures have different ways of dealing with grief. Choose three cultures from three different continents around the world and research the concept of grief in each one. Explain how each culture has traditions in place to deal with grief. Compare and contrast the three cultures and their attitudes about grief and the ways their people deal with grief.

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