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Mariama Ba
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom is the narrator writing her diary?
(a) Her divorced husband.
(b) Her younger sister.
(c) Her friend, Aissatou.
(d) Her twin daughters.

2. How might one describe the culture of the Senegal people?
(a) They don't really have a distinct culture separate from other African countries.
(b) Adaptable.
(c) Complex and difficult to understand.
(d) Rigid.

3. What is the goal of the narrator's education?
(a) To earn a degree.
(b) To make her attractive to men.
(c) To enable her to home school her children.
(d) To emancipate her from the traditional roles of African women.

4. How did the narrator's mother feel about the narrator's relationship with Modou?
(a) She was not alive at the time.
(b) She didn't know about it.
(c) She thought it was wonderful.
(d) She disapproved of it at first.

5. When did the narrator realize that Modou was the man for her for life?
(a) After he dies.
(b) When he asked her to marry him.
(c) When he held their first child in his arms.
(d) During their first dance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator think of Aissatou's in-laws?

2. What reasons does the narrator give for Modou's taking a second wife?

3. For whom does Modou work?

4. What was the narrator's first impression of her future husband?

5. To whom do the wives give money?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the narrator adapt to the absence of her husband, Modou?

2. How does Mawdo's mother take revenge agains Aissatou?

3. What happens to the relationship between Modou and his first wife, the narrator? Do you think it is Binetou's fault for how Modou handles his two marriages?

4. How does the narrator react to Modou's death?

5. What is Mawdo's response to Aissatou?

6. How does Aissatou respond to Mawdo accepting a second wife from his mother?

7. How does the narrator react to the news and what does she think?

8. How might Aissatou's situation be a bigger problem in Senegal than for a woman with the same situation in the United States. What are the similarities?

9. Why is Mawdo's life as a physician successful and what are the implications of this?

10. Why does Modou go to France?

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