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Mariama Ba
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator do to fill the void her husband's loss leaves?
(a) Tries to find another husband.
(b) Listens to the radio all the time.
(c) Travels around the world.
(d) Babysits her grandchildren.

2. What does the narrator think of Aissatou's choice to leave her husband and move to the United States?
(a) The narrator approves of the choice.
(b) That Aissatou is immoral.
(c) That Aissatou never loved Mawdo.
(d) That Aissatou should have stayed.

3. How did the narrator feel about her marriage before Modou abandons her?
(a) She felt Modou took advantage of her.
(b) She hated being married.
(c) She was actually thinking of divorcing Modou.
(d) She loved being married.

4. In whom has Modou begun showing an interest?
(a) Binetou
(b) Kwise
(c) Aissatou
(d) Nabou

5. After the first visit, what does Daouda Dieng promise?
(a) That he will have some thugs beat up Modou.
(b) That he will give her some money for food.
(c) He will return to ask her something.
(d) He doesn't make any promises.

6. How does Modou juggle the two marriages and wives?
(a) He stays one week with one and the next with the other.
(b) He abandons the narrator and their life together.
(c) He moves the second wife in the same house as the first.
(d) He decides to annul the second marriage.

7. Who inherits Binetou's villa after Modou's death?
(a) The narrator.
(b) No one, it had to be sold to pay taxes.
(c) Daba and her husband.
(d) Binetou.

8. What is the reason the narrator gives for not marrying Daouda Dieng?
(a) She is too old for that kind of foolishness.
(b) She despises Daouda Dieng.
(c) She does not want to be in another polygamous marriage.
(d) She is moving to the United States.

9. What does the narrator tell the answer to question #120 in response to his offer of marriage?
(a) She doesn't want to marry him but will live with him as his mistress.
(b) She needs to think about it for awhile.
(c) She would never marry him.
(d) She would be delighted to marry him.

10. How did Modou respond to the narrator having a new car?
(a) Surprised.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) Angry.
(d) Hurt.

11. Who are "the trio?"
(a) The three men in charge of the government of Senegal.
(b) The narrator's sons: Mawbe, Mobou, Jr., Douda.
(c) The narrator and her two best friends, Assiatou and Farmata.
(d) The narrator's daughters: Arame, Yacine, and Dieynaba

12. What does the narrator believe about Lady mother-in-law?
(a) She gave her permission for Binetou to marry so Binetou would be happy.
(b) She wants to escape poverty through her daughter Binetou's marriage.
(c) She was appalled at the marriage of Binetou to Modou.
(d) She does not yet know about the marriage.

13. What was the narrator's emotional response to an offer of marriage after Modou's death?
(a) Excited by the prospect.
(b) Fearful but willing.
(c) Hesitant because of her children.
(d) Outrage at being treated as an object.

14. What does the narrator say about Tamsir as a provider?
(a) He does an adequate job of providing for his family.
(b) He showers his family with expensive presents.
(c) He is a poor provider and his wifes cannot make ends meet.
(d) He does not provide for them as he left them.

15. What has the narrator's daughter Aissatou kept from the narrator?
(a) That she has quit school.
(b) That she is three months pregnant.
(c) That her boyfriend already has one wife.
(d) That she is planning to run away to Europe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who seems to have romantic intentions for the narrator since Modou left her?

2. Who makes repairs around the narrator's house now that her husband has abandoned her?

3. What does Daouda Dieng think is necessary to help the development of Senegal?

4. In what way does the narrator believe lies her happiness?

5. How does the narrator view herself at age fifty?

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