So Long a Letter Fun Activities

Mariama Ba
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Travel Agent.

You are a travel agent. Convince a family to vacation in Senegal.

Travel Agency.

You are a travel agent. Convince a family not to vacation in Senegal.

Book Review.

Write a book review for SO LONG A LETTER.

Write a Diary.

Write a diary with one month of entries that Ramatoulaye started when her husband married his second wife.


Have students write a friendship poem or song about Ramatoulaye with Aissatou.

Film Poster.

Design a poster which advertises the film, SO LONG A LETTER.

What if?

Writers often ask themselves "What if?" when looking for plot twists and story development. Choose a point in the novel (anywhere you like) where you could create an alternative plot twist. Develop your idea into a story. Present it as a conventional narrative.

Trivial Game.

Design a Trivial Pursuit type game based on the novel.

Rename the Characters


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