So Long a Letter Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mariama Ba
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Chapters 1-3

• The narrator is starting this diary to confide in Aissatou, her long time friend.

• Modou suffered a heart attack in his office and could not be resuscitated.

• The fact that that her husband is really dead causes more pain the day that follows Modou's death.

• Female relatives perform the ritual washing of the body.

• The narrator's co-wife is staying with her during this time.

• Her co-wife appears sad over the loss of Modou.

• Their sisters-in-law have to take down their hair.

• The two widows pass the test.

• The in-laws judge the wives are equally good.

• Koran verses recited out loud move the narrator to tears at the wake.

• Women are on one side of the house and men are on the other side.

• Contributions toward the cost of the funeral are made by the visitors and will be repaid.

• The widows must give money to their...

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