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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the men not get to practice shooting too much?
(a) There is a shortage of ammunition
(b) They do not want to alert the enemy to their locations
(c) The soldiers need other training first
(d) There is a shortage of guns

2. What sound does Charley find frightening?
(a) Birds squawking
(b) Bullets whizzing by
(c) Men screaming
(d) Horses groaning

3. Charley and his company board a boat bound for ______________.
(a) St. Paul
(b) Minneapolis
(c) Chicago
(d) Eau Claire

4. What happens to the man next to Charley?
(a) His head is blown off
(b) He faints
(c) He charges blindly ahead
(d) He turns and runs away

5. What is Charley's state of mind at this point in the battle?
(a) Calm and calculating
(b) Shock and disbelief
(c) Cowardly and scared
(d) Angry and aggressive

Short Answer Questions

1. The war no longer seems ___________ to Charley and the other soldiers.

2. What is the significant event for Charley in Chapter 4?

3. How many times a week does Charley's mother write to him?

4. What does Charely observe more and more of his comrades doing?

5. How old is Charley, the main character in the story?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Charley caught up in the excitement of the possibility of a civil war?

2. Describe the scenario of the black woman giving a sweet roll to Charley.

3. How does the author show Charley's inexperience and immaturity during the battle?

4. What role does the issue of slavery play in Charley's perceptions about the war?

5. How does Chapter 4 end?

6. Why is Charley uncomfortable with the immoral behavior of his fellow soldiers?

7. What is Charley's experience in the battle of Bull Run?

8. Describe Charley's morning as he prepares for the second day of battle.

9. What is the setting of the book?

10. Describe the horrible sights Charley encounters while marching over dead bodies into battle.

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