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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the activity of the Union army at the beginning of Chapter 9?
(a) Retreating.
(b) In battle.
(c) Surrendering.
(d) Preparing for battle.

2. What does the person in #125 want?
(a) To buy some military secrets
(b) To trade tobacco for coffee
(c) To trade coffee for tobacco
(d) To sell some marijuana

3. What season is approaching as the soldiers return to Washington?
(a) Summer
(b) Winter
(c) Fall
(d) Spring

4. The soldiers create pathways in their camp and name them after ______________________.
(a) generals
(b) towns in Minnesota
(c) wives
(d) fathers

5. How much is Charley's first paycheck?
(a) $11
(b) $33
(c) $44
(d) $22

6. How much money does Charley keep for himself?
(a) $8
(b) $13
(c) $14
(d) $4

7. Charley has a ____________ that was carried by a Confederate officer.
(a) pistol.
(b) Bible.
(c) photo.
(d) knife.

8. What does Charley come down with after eating too much unripe fruit?
(a) Meningitis
(b) Mononucleosis
(c) Flu
(d) Dysentery

9. What weapons do the men use at this point of the battle?
(a) Pistols.
(b) Cannons.
(c) Bayonets.
(d) Knives.

10. What type of combat ensues?
(a) Rifle.
(b) Hand-to-hand.
(c) Cavalry.
(d) Artillery.

11. Which of the following is not true about Charley's health?
(a) He has tuberculosis.
(b) He cannot bend his knees.
(c) He passes blood constantly.
(d) He gets sick if he lies down.

12. What is the nickname for the Southern secessionists?
(a) Dirty bastards
(b) Dirty seches
(c) Dirty shitheads
(d) Dirty Rebs

13. What is the morale of the men as they wait in camp?
(a) High
(b) Deteriorating
(c) Resigned
(d) Anxious

14. Where do the men set up camp in Chapter 6?
(a) Raleigh
(b) Washington
(c) Baltimore
(d) Atlanta

15. What does Charley realize as the men get closer to the city?
(a) There are many guns
(b) He is going to die
(c) The South is going to win the war
(d) He is going to desert

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does Charley not say in a letter to his mother?

2. What does Charley contemplate as he sits on the riverbank?

3. How long do the soldiers remain in camp when they return to Washington?

4. What soon faces Charley and his comrades?

5. What does Charley touch at the river?

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