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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the men do while waiting for the next battle?
(a) Visit whorehouses
(b) Volunteer at the Red Cross
(c) Drill and wait
(d) Visit hospitals

2. Charley feels he is old, not in age but in _______________.
(a) clouds
(b) worries
(c) sorrows
(d) meadows

3. What occupies Charley's thoughts now?
(a) Pretty girls.
(b) The farm.
(c) The war.
(d) His mother.

4. What does Charley come down with after eating too much unripe fruit?
(a) Mononucleosis
(b) Meningitis
(c) Flu
(d) Dysentery

5. Where do the men set up camp in Chapter 6?
(a) Baltimore
(b) Raleigh
(c) Washington
(d) Atlanta

6. Which of the following does Charley not think when he looks at the item carried by the Confederate soldier?
(a) It is clean.
(b) It is beautiful.
(c) It is polished.
(d) It is deadly.

7. Charley basically acts like ___________________.
(a) he is king of the world.
(b) he is defeated.
(c) a madman.
(d) there is no tomorrow.

8. What does the person in #125 want?
(a) To sell some marijuana
(b) To buy some military secrets
(c) To trade coffee for tobacco
(d) To trade tobacco for coffee

9. What is the activity of the Union army at the beginning of Chapter 9?
(a) Retreating.
(b) Surrendering.
(c) Preparing for battle.
(d) In battle.

10. What does Charley realize as the men get closer to the city?
(a) The South is going to win the war
(b) He is going to desert
(c) He is going to die
(d) There are many guns

11. What have become symbols of death for Charley?
(a) Crows
(b) Clouds
(c) Pine trees
(d) Meadows

12. Charley cannot bring himself to shoot at the ______________.
(a) officers
(b) horses
(c) old men
(d) young boys

13. The soldiers create pathways in their camp and name them after ______________________.
(a) fathers
(b) generals
(c) wives
(d) towns in Minnesota

14. Why does Charley go to the river?
(a) For a picnic.
(b) To wash his clothes.
(c) To fish.
(d) To meditate.

15. Which of the following does not describe Charley's demeanor in battle?
(a) Prays.
(b) Kills.
(c) Screams.
(d) Yells.

Short Answer Questions

1. What soon begins to pelt at Charley?

2. What does Charley contemplate as he sits on the riverbank?

3. The men begin their march south toward the city of ________________.

4. Which of the following of Charley's items is not grazed by bullets?

5. Who is the new commander assigned to Charley's company?

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