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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did local families do the previous day?
(a) Supplied fresh horses
(b) Helped the wounded men
(c) Had picnics and watched the battle
(d) Buried the dead soldiers

2. What protects Charley from an onslaught of bullets?
(a) Boulders
(b) Tree stumps
(c) Dead bodies
(d) A shack

3. Why does Charley go to a nearby stream?
(a) Fill his canteen
(b) Wash his hair
(c) Wash his clothes
(d) Take a bath

4. What is Charley's demeanor during the battle?
(a) Composed
(b) Fainting
(c) Disoriented
(d) Aggressive

5. Which of the following is not something Charley desires if something bad should happen to him?
(a) Be in love with a strange girl
(b) Be with God
(c) Think uninfected thoughts
(d) Have clean morals

6. Many of Charley's comrades are killed ____________________________.
(a) in cold blood
(b) in one cannon blast
(c) right in front of him
(d) before anyone on his side can even fire a shot

7. Charley wonders how the men can line up and wait __________________________.
(a) for daybreak
(b) to be slaughtered
(c) for commands
(d) for so long

8. Who is the lieutenant who gives Charley instructions?
(a) Olafson
(b) Olsen
(c) Owens
(d) Orville

9. What is the date when the novel begins?
(a) June, 1965
(b) June, 1861
(c) June, 1916
(d) June, 1951

10. What concerns Charley about his comrades' behavior?
(a) Petty thefts
(b) They don't write letters to their mothers
(c) They don't read the Bible
(d) Foul language and immoral thinking

11. What are Charley's rations that night?
(a) Bacon and coffee
(b) Dried bread and raw salt pork
(c) Cheese and berries
(d) Dried bread and berries

12. Charley and his company board a boat bound for ______________.
(a) Eau Claire
(b) St. Paul
(c) Chicago
(d) Minneapolis

13. What sound does Charley find frightening?
(a) Men screaming
(b) Birds squawking
(c) Bullets whizzing by
(d) Horses groaning

14. Where are Charley and his comrades marching at the beginning of Chapter 4?
(a) Across a stream
(b) Through a small town
(c) Around a mountain
(d) Across an open field

15. What does Charley notice about the black people he sees?
(a) How quiet they are
(b) How black they are
(c) How shy they are
(d) How poor they are

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charley contemplate when he sees the black people?

2. Charley's mother advises him to _____________ before he gets shot.

3. How does Charley perceive the enemy?

4. What is the name of Charley's brother?

5. What happens to the person Charley decides to follow?

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