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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Winter.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Charley thinks he has a wound in his ________________.
(a) ankle
(b) back
(c) leg
(d) shoulder

2. What do the soldiers have to march over as they head out to the battlefield?
(a) Fences
(b) Ravines
(c) Dead soldiers
(d) Boulders

3. What does Charley contemplate when he sees the black people?
(a) What religion they are
(b) What they eat
(c) What slavery is really like
(d) What songs they sing

4. What are Charley's rations that night?
(a) Dried bread and berries
(b) Bacon and coffee
(c) Dried bread and raw salt pork
(d) Cheese and berries

5. When officers tell the men they did a good job, Charley knows it is ________________.
(a) partly true
(b) a lie
(c) the honest truth
(d) a dream

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the overall mood of Charley and his companions?

2. What do the officers tell the men to do now?

3. Where does Charley see his first black people?

4. Charley cannot bring himself to shoot at the ______________.

5. How soon will Charley and his comrades be expected to go back into battle?

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