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Town Meetings

In Winona, Minnesota, and most other towns in Minnesota, these are held to discuss and promote the Volunteer Regiment of Minnesota.

Fort Snelling

Charley walks here from home to be able to sneak into the army without anyone knowing his real age.

The Train

This has leather seats, fabulous food and luxurious appointments, and Charley has never seen anything so wonderful.

Southern Crackers

These are law breakers and people who do not agree with the philosophy of the Union and physically show their displeasure.

Poor Farms

As the train goes South, Charley sees these and wonders how the people can make up an efficient army.


The soldiers must cross these dangerously open areas to get to the opposing troops; these come to signify death to Charley.


The opposing enemy is generally found in these where they hide for protection against the oncoming army.

Small Creek

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