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Essay Topic 1

In what ways do you think Charley may have been misled about what war was really like? Or do you think he was well informed about the decision he was making? Explain. What about the other characters?

Essay Topic 2

The author provides very vivid accounts of battles and Charley's life in camp and in the hospital. What do you think it would take to survive such an ordeal? What other than the potential for being shot for desertion, forces Charley to remain a loyal soldier?

Essay Topic 3

Charley doesn't really think about slavery until he sees a black person for the first time while on the train to camp. What does Charley think is the cause of the war in which he wants to fight? What are his reasons for going?

Essay Topic 4

Explain why Charley, even though young, is probably as equipped as anyone to...

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