Soldier's Heart Character Descriptions

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Charley Goddard - He is a fifteen-year-old boy who is growing up in Winona, Minnesota at the beginning of the Civil War.

Ma - She is a normal mother-type, concerned for her son's safety.

The Black Lady at the Train Station - She approaches Charley during a train stop and thanks Charley for what he is doing and gives him a sweet roll.

The White Woman - An unnamed lady comes out of a house as the train is leaving the Baltimore station, pulls the colored lady inside and shakes her fist at the soldiers on the train.

Swenson - He is a private who sits next to Charley on the train and points out how poor the white families of the South are.

Lieutenant Olafson - He is an officer who pulls Charley out of a stupor near the end of the first Battle of Bull...

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