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Chapter 1, June 1861

• Soldier's Heart based on a true story of a 15-year-old boy named Charley Goddard who lies about his age to join the Volunteers of Minnesota to fight in the Civil War.

• The story begins in June of 1861 and Charley is caught up in the excitement of all the talk about an upcoming war.

• Charley is too young to join the army but decides to go to an area where people do not know him and lie about his age in order to register.

• Charley convinces his mother that lying to join the army is the right thing to do both because the war will not last very long and and also because he will get paid and will be able to send her some money.

Chapter 2, Fort Snelling

• Charlies enlists in the army at Fort Snelling and is issued some clothing.

• The food in camp is...

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