Sold Short Essay - Answer Key

Patricia McCormick
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1. What does a tin roof symbolize for Lakshmi in the novel?

A tin roof represents security for the villagers in the Himalayas. As Lakshmi states in "A Tin Roof," "A tin roof means that the family has a father who doesn't gamble away the landlord's money playing cards in the tea shop." Lakshmi's family has a weaker thatch roof which leaks and causes illness.

2. How is Lakshmi's family described in "A Tin Roof"? With whom does Lakshmi live?

Lakshmi lives with her mother and stepfather and a younger infant brother. There were four babies between Lakshmi and her brother which all died. She is close with her mother, whom she considers kind and gentle. Her stepfather is selfish and lazy and gambles all the family's money away.

3. Who is Gita? What is Lakshmi's relationship with Gita in the narrative?

Gita is Lakshmi's best friend who lives in the hut next to her family. Gita was sent away to the city to work as a maid, and now her family has a tin roof and comforts to show for it. Lakshmi misses her friend and longs to go to the city as well to work as a maid and support her family.

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