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Patricia McCormick
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Tin roof

This object is desired by Lakshmi and her mother in the beginning of the novel. It is a luxury that will help to shelter and protect the family from bad storms.


These are the currency of Nepal and India, and are used for the selling and purchasing of goods.

American storybook

This object is given to Lakshmi by Harish.


This American item is given to Lakshmi by the Tea Seller free of charge.


Lakshmi first observes this electronic convention at the Happiness House.


This item is given to Lakshmi by her teacher during the marginal education she receives.

Yellow pencil

This item is given to Lakshmi by Harish on the day of the Festival of Brothers and Sisters.

Old clothing

Lakshmi gives this as a gift to Harish to use as a soccer ball.

Digital camera

This object is carried by My...

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