Sold Character Descriptions

Patricia McCormick
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This is the protagonist of Sold. She is thirteen years old when the novel begins, and is sold into sexual slavery.


This character is the protagonist's mother.


It is as a result of this character's debts and extravagant lifestyle that the protagonist is sold into sexual slavery.

Auntie Bimla

This character is a well-dressed and wealthy woman who engages in the sexual black market by procuring girls from remote villages and rural towns for use as prostitutes.

Uncle Husband

This character is one of the buyers and sellers in the sexual black market trade. He purchases the protagonist and then brings her across the border to India, where he resells her to a brothel.


This character is the obese and callous owner of Happiness House, a brother in an unidentified city in India.


This character is a young prostitute at Happiness House who befriends...

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