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Patricia McCormick
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Section 1, pp. 1 – 51

• Sold, by Patricia McCormack, is a novel about child sexual slavery in India and Nepal.

• The novel opens in the small, unnamed Nepalese village in the Himalayan Mountains where Lakshmi and her mother, Ama, inspect the thatch roof of their hut; Lakshmi's family is too poor to afford a tin roof.

• Lakshmi's best friend Gita has left the village to work in a nearby city as a maid, and Lakshmi tells Ama that she can do the same, to earn wages she will then send home to her family.

• Though Ama tells her she must stay in school, Lakshmi suspects that her stepfather feels otherwise and sees her as a way to make more money to buy luxuries for himself.

• Stepfather has trouble finding work as a result of an injury in his youth that has left him with only one good arm, and spends his...

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