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Chapter 1

• At La Loca's funeral at age three, she rises from her coffin and becomes a magical sort of saint.

• Sofi lives with her four daughters; her husband was a gambler and has abandoned the family.

• Esperanza is the oldest child and has a successful career as a news broadcaster; she is not married though had an ex-boyfriend who left her for someone else.

• Caridad is the second oldest daughter and became pregnant and was married immediately after high school; she had an abortion after she and her husband broke up.

• Caridad becomes reckless and drinks often and sleeps with lots of men.

• Fe, the third daughter, is responsible and is saving up for a home to live in with her fianc√©, who tells her he does not want to get married.

• Fe is extremely upset and screams continuously.

• Caridad is raped, beaten, and severely mutilated one night...

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