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Short Answer Questions

1. The author believes that the law of government must develop, in tandem, with which of the following types of law?

2. The author states that there will be three wills operating within the Magistrate. Which of the following does the author think will naturally be the strongest?

3. According to the author, no man has any natural authority over which of the following?

4. By being part of the social contract, man does which of the following?

5. Who does the author cite as an example of someone who attempted good reform, but did not know his people well enough to succeed?

Short Essay Questions

1. On what type of standard are the authoritarian socio-political system and the family system both based?

2. According to the author, what type of geography makes a state unstable?

3. What happens to the individual's hold on his personal property when he is part of the state?

4. How does the need felt by the citizens use the Sovereign Will to connect to the governed?

5. Why are legislators with the correct qualities important?

6. What characteristics does the author give humans?

7. Can the general will err?

8. How does the author suggest that power for deciding who has authority must be established?

9. What happens if a state becomes too large?

10. What is the trade being made between freedom and government when there is only one magistrate?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the relationship between suffrage and elections and the provisions of the Sovereign Will? Define each term, using support from the book, and provide at least two examples of how each (suffrage and elections) help define the Sovereign Will.

Essay Topic 2

Why is it necessary for the laws of the state to be adaptable to the changing needs of its citizens? Cite specific examples from the book, including historical ones, to support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

According to the author, what are the three different types of will operating within the magistrate? Which is strongest? Which should be the strongest, and why? What impact does that have on a government?

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