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Short Answer Questions

1. At the trial, Susan Marie's demeanor inspires

2. Dr. Whitman has done an examination of

3. When Hooks excuses Hatsue, she is prevented from

4. With fog as thick as it was on the night that Carl Heine died, it was easy to

5. As they leave court, Nels Gudmundsson mentions to Ishmael

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the glimmer of hope that comes from Susan Marie's testimony?

2. What, ultimately, could have been Carl Heine's greatest failing, according to Ishmael?

3. What scenario has prosecutor, Alvin Hooks, cooked up to try to bolster his case against Kabuo?

4. Describe what Ishmael discovered in the Coast Guard radioman's notes.

5. What is it that keeps Alexander Van Ness from agreeing to convict Kabuo Miyamoto?

6. Why does the author refer more than once to the smell of snow?

7. What effect does the power outage have on the ambiance in the courtroom?

8. Explain how Carl's blood ended up on the handle of Kabuo's fishing gaff.

9. Things are looking grim for Kabuo Miyamoto. Why does the fishing gaff appear to be the perfect weapon for Kabuo to have used to murder Carl Heine, Jr.

10. What new information does Hatsue provide that sheds a new light on the incident involving Carl Heine?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

If you live by the ocean, this should be an easy assignment. What are some of the disadvantages to living close to the seashore? Write a paper for someone in the Midwest who has never seen the ocean, and describe the hardships and difficulties of living on a coastline. Be convincing.

Essay Topic 2

Roosevelt swiftly and effectively reacted to Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. Do a research essay and write about Roosevelt and his response to the Japanese, what followed and the eventual result. Did Roosevelt have a high popularity rating in America at this time. Did he handle the war effectively and in the best way possible? Take a position.

Essay Topic 3

Among so many other topics, Guterson touches on what it is like to have a physical deficit, such as Ishmael's missing arm. Write a persuasive argument about whether we, as a culture, provide sufficient conveniences for those with disabilities. Look up the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), and determine whether the laws that govern public places have taken into account people like Ishmael Chambers, who is forced to do everything with one arm and hand.

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