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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Nels Gundersson gets Horace Whaley to admit that

2. Why does Kabuo constantly look inward at himself?

3. Hatsue ends her relationship with Ishmael by

4. The snowstorm on San Piedro

5. Sheriff Moran testifies that he

Short Essay Questions

1. Does the idea of a Japanese Strawberry Princess strike you as odd? Why were the princesses never Swedish or Norwegian or other nationalities?

2. What makes Hatsue and Ishmael close?

3. Explain the hysteria on San Piedro Island when the news of the Pearl Harbor attack is announced.

4. We learn that Carl Heine is a precise, organized and capable man. Can you think of a reason that the author is giving us such a detailed description of a deceased person?

5. Why does Hatsue ignore Ishmael at school?

6. What was the convincing factor in Sheriff Moran's decision to get a search warrant for Kabuo's boat?

7. How does Kabuo enter into Hatsue's life?

8. Why is Ishmael forced to pretend he does not have feelings for Hatsue?

9. What stops Ishmael and Hatsue from having sexual relations in the hollow tree?

10. Why does Kabuo's demeanor seem cold and hard?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In this story, Tom Peck raises blue foxes on his island farm. Is blue fox still raised today? If so, for what is it used and how? Is it endangered? Research and write about the current state of the blue fox - where they live, what they eat, their predators and if they are under the control of humans. Include a photo or other image with your report.

Essay Topic 2

Research and write an in-depth essay about the Japanese internment camps in the US during World War II. If possible, find someone to interview who has some childhood memories of the experience and interview him or her. Has the US, in your opinion, reconsidered its decision to place people in camps when their native country is at war with us? Has it reconsidered the decisions that were made back then? Is there a general consensus about the advisability of such a program? If possible, include some photos.

Essay Topic 3

Where in our country is the largest concentration of strawberry farming? Research and write an essay on strawberry farming in America. What is the perfect climate and soil for strawberry farming? Is the farming still primarily done by workers of a different nationality? What is the percentage of strawberries that are imported into our country compared with what we grow domestically?

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