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Short Answer Questions

1. Art Moran does not want Ishmael to let on

2. Land leased by Miyamoto was to go to Kabuo when

3. In the courtroom, the Japanese attendees sat

4. Susan Marie Heine says that she knew

5. As Japanese Americans are being arrested, Ishmael blindly thinks

Short Essay Questions

1. Besides having to dissect dead bodies, why is Horace Whaley's job particularly difficult?

2. What interrupts the Miyamotos' purchase of seven acres of the Heines' property

3. Why does Kabuo's demeanor seem cold and hard?

4. What kind of lawyer is Nels Gudmundsson?

5. Why do the Japanese sit at the back of the courtroom in Amity Harbor?

6. Describe the situation between Hatsue and Ishmael after the Pearl Harbor attack.

7. Although serious, this trial still has the feel of a small town affair. What are some reasons for that?

8. Why does Kabuo's attorney, Nels, challenge him to a game of chess before they discuss the case?

9. This chapter is full of symbolism. What is the most sensual event that Guterson describes between Hatsue and Ishmael?

10. We learn that Carl Heine is a precise, organized and capable man. Can you think of a reason that the author is giving us such a detailed description of a deceased person?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Among so many other topics, Guterson touches on what it is like to have a physical deficit, such as Ishmael's missing arm. Write a persuasive argument about whether we, as a culture, provide sufficient conveniences for those with disabilities. Look up the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), and determine whether the laws that govern public places have taken into account people like Ishmael Chambers, who is forced to do everything with one arm and hand.

Essay Topic 2

Research and write an in-depth essay about the Japanese internment camps in the US during World War II. If possible, find someone to interview who has some childhood memories of the experience and interview him or her. Has the US, in your opinion, reconsidered its decision to place people in camps when their native country is at war with us? Has it reconsidered the decisions that were made back then? Is there a general consensus about the advisability of such a program? If possible, include some photos.

Essay Topic 3

Take a position and write an essay on the following: Is the U.S. government paying proper and sufficient attention to the psychological effects on soldiers returning from war? Support your answers with research and facts.

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