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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kabuo constantly look inward at himself?

2. Sheriff Moran testifies that he

3. Susan Marie Heine says that she knew

4. Ishmael, as a boy, tells Hatsue that the oceans

5. Liesel Jurgensen thought Susan Marie would be happy Carl bought the farm because

Short Essay Questions

1. In most of the anecdotes of snow-related catastrophes on the island, Guterson uses the opportunity to remind us of the folksy nature of this small-town community. Identify some of those instances.

2. Describe the situation between Hatsue and Ishmael after the Pearl Harbor attack.

3. What is the agreement made between Zenhichi Miyamoto and Carl Heine, Sr.?

4. Why does Kabuo's attorney, Nels, challenge him to a game of chess before they discuss the case?

5. How does Kabuo enter into Hatsue's life?

6. Why was Ole Jurgensen unwilling to hand over the Miyamoto's seven acres to Kabuo?

7. What makes Hatsue and Ishmael close?

8. Describe Amity Harbor. Is it an upscale town? Does it seem inviting?

9. Discuss the ironies of the war activities Ishmael was involved in when he was injured.

10. When the aging Ole finally sold his farm, to whom did he sell it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What did you learn about the legal system from this book, if anything? Guterson portrays the trial as fairly routine, with opening statements, examination and cross examination of witnesses, closing arguments, jury instructions and verdict. Look up the term "legal discovery" on the web, and determine how things have changed in our legal system since 1942. Is our system more efficient now? If so, in what ways? If not, in what ways? Are we more sophisticated in our legal process than before?

Essay Topic 2

Find another form of Japanese stick fighting besides Kendo, and write a lesson plan for someone who wants to learn it. Provide a bit of background and history, as well as some graphics that demonstrate the moves and the weapon.

Essay Topic 3

Cedar trees are some of the most magical, aromatic trees on earth. Research cedars and report on where they thrive, their size and environment, their uses and their native habitats. Include photos and, if you live near cedars, a small frond of the fragrant tree. Include any threats to cedars, as well as what conditions make them thrive. Let your imagination help you better understand the atmosphere in the hollow cedar tree, and write about that, as well.

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