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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mr. Van Ness feels that Alvin Hooks' rendition of the murder is
(a) A feasible scenario
(b) A stretch too far
(c) A lie of a racist
(d) Far fetched but possible

2. Ishmael remembers that his father did not
(a) Read the paper very much
(b) Read all of his books
(c) Appear to wish for something else
(d) Slow down much

3. Evidence that will turn the case completely around is found by the Sheriff
(a) In the wood of the port gunnel
(b) In the boat's rest room
(c) On the floor of the boat's cabin
(d) On the cleats of the boat

4. Ishmael describes Kabuo's demeanor at trial as
(a) Evil
(b) Guilty
(c) Inscrutable
(d) Rigid

5. Before Kabuo could come forward with his story of the events on the boat with Carl Heine,
(a) He became too angry to talk
(b) Hatsue warned him not to
(c) Etta Heine accosted him
(d) Sheriff Moran arrested him

Short Answer Questions

1. When Ishmael begged Hatsue to hold him

2. Ishmael's speech to his mother about Kabuo includes a great deal of

3. Alvin Hooks suggests that what really happened out at sea that night was that

4. Jury instructions from the trial judge are intended to

5. After the jury is excused, Ishmael contemplates his

Short Essay Questions

1. What new information does Hatsue provide that sheds a new light on the incident involving Carl Heine?

2. The idea of inclement weather has been woven throughout the story, including the heavy snowfall that has caused problems during the trial of Kabuo Miyamoto. What inspires Ishmael's decision to check with the coast guard about weather conditions at the time of Carl Heine's demise?

3. Although things are looking a little better for Kabuo, his story is once again compromised by a question from Alvin Hooks. Explain how he damages his testimony in this chapter.

4. Why do you think Ishmael does not tell his mother about the records he found at the Coast Guard office?

5. Why did Kabuo and Hatsue not inform the Sheriff of what they said really happened on the night of Carl Heine's death?

6. What is Alvin Hooks' motivation in trying to convict Kabuo? How would winning the case benefit Nels Gudmundsson?

7. Things are looking grim for Kabuo Miyamoto. Why does the fishing gaff appear to be the perfect weapon for Kabuo to have used to murder Carl Heine, Jr.

8. Why does Ishmael not take his information from the coast guard directly to Judge Fielding as he figures he father would have done?

9. Explain how Carl's blood ended up on the handle of Kabuo's fishing gaff.

10. Does Sergeant Maples have any personal motives for seeming to incriminate Kabuo in his testimony?

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