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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kabuo and Carl make a deal for the seven acres, and seal it with
(a) A salute
(b) Friendly smiles
(c) Gripping hands together
(d) A promise to return the fishing rod

2. Reviewing the errands he must run due to the storm, Ishmael plans to
(a) Borrow the printing press in the Seattle office
(b) Offer Hatsue and her family a ride
(c) Get a storm report from the Coast Guard station
(d) Go into Anacortes for the national news

3. The best argument against the prosecution is that
(a) Kabuo fought for the US in the war
(b) Kabuo was accused because he is Japanese
(c) Kabuo is not capable of committing a crime
(d) Kabuo's desire for farming was not that strong

4. Ishmael's mother, Helen Chambers, is
(a) A reclusive bookworm
(b) A religious fanatic
(c) A decrepit and sickly woman
(d) A capable and vital woman

5. While the Sheriff reads the shorthand notes on the Coast Guard report
(a) Abel appears to know what is going on
(b) Abel comes in to pick up Art for the trial
(c) Abel appears to have been at the docks
(d) Abel comes in to say the phones are up

Short Answer Questions

1. Ishmael's primary goal for this day is to

2. Regarding his meeting with Kabuo, Susan Marie testifies that her husband

3. the author describes Nels Gundersson as having

4. Mr. Van Ness feels that Alvin Hooks' rendition of the murder is

5. What is now discovered about Carl's boat that the Sheriff missed earlier?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the glimmer of hope that comes from Susan Marie's testimony?

2. What is it that keeps Alexander Van Ness from agreeing to convict Kabuo Miyamoto?

3. Hooks makes a significant misjudgment in his closing argument as he paints a scenario of Kabuo luring Carl Heine in by faking an emergency. Discuss his mistakes.

4. Why do you think Ishmael does not tell his mother about the records he found at the Coast Guard office?

5. Does Sergeant Maples have any personal motives for seeming to incriminate Kabuo in his testimony?

6. What effect does the power outage have on the ambiance in the courtroom?

7. What is peculiar about islanders and their relationships?

8. Explain how Carl's blood ended up on the handle of Kabuo's fishing gaff.

9. Why does Ishmael not take his information from the coast guard directly to Judge Fielding as he figures he father would have done?

10. What finally inspires Ishmael to take the Coast Guard report to Hatsue?

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