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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Kabuo constantly look inward at himself?
(a) He is very self-conscious
(b) He is guilty of murder during the war
(c) He is angry
(d) He is proud to be Japanese

2. Ishmael, as a boy, tells Hatsue that the oceans
(a) Mix into one big ocean underneath
(b) Are really lava underneath
(c) Are all salt water
(d) Are separated by volcanoes

3. What does Hatsue do when Ishmael proposes marriage?
(a) Cries
(b) Screams
(c) Runs away
(d) Goes silent

4. Hatsue ends her relationship with Ishmael by
(a) Sending a message to him
(b) Letting her mother contact him
(c) Asking Sumiko to tell him
(d) Writing a letter to him

5. As children, Hatsue and Ishmael hunt together for
(a) Mallard ducks
(b) Oysters
(c) Geoducks
(d) Horses

Short Answer Questions

1. Carl Heine is described as being

2. Prior to the battle at Tarawa, Ishmael's attitude toward the war was somewhat

3. Horace Whaley testifies that the cut to Carl's hand was

4. After the kiss on the beach, Ishmael finds himself

5. When his arm was amputated, Ishmael's anger seems to be directed toward

Short Essay Questions

1. When the aging Ole finally sold his farm, to whom did he sell it?

2. Why would reporters from out of town be attending Miyamoto's trial?

3. What interrupts the Miyamotos' purchase of seven acres of the Heines' property

4. This chapter is full of symbolism. What is the most sensual event that Guterson describes between Hatsue and Ishmael?

5. What has caused Ishmael Chambers to be so cynical?

6. Ishmael's experience at war is as horrendous as it gets. What is his attitude toward Hatsue by now, and why?

7. We learn that Carl Heine is a precise, organized and capable man. Can you think of a reason that the author is giving us such a detailed description of a deceased person?

8. Besides having to dissect dead bodies, why is Horace Whaley's job particularly difficult?

9. Why were Japanese citizens being arrested in the US?

10. Explain the hysteria on San Piedro Island when the news of the Pearl Harbor attack is announced.

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