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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Carl and Susan Marie live in a
(a) Beautiful house
(b) Ramshackle cabin
(c) Convenience apartment
(d) Fishing cabin

2. Kabuo Miyamoto had not told the truth about helping Carl Heine to anyone but
(a) His attorney
(b) His mother
(c) His wife
(d) The Sheriff

3. Kabuo is arrested due to the
(a) Lack of resistance he has shown
(b) Discovery of a gaff with a bloody handle
(c) Lie about the new mooring line
(d) Attitude he has taken toward the Sheriff

4. Ishmael had always pretended that his visits to his mother's home
(a) Were just habit
(b) Were just a duty
(c) Were without strings
(d) Were for her benefit

5. Ishmael remembers that his father did not
(a) Read all of his books
(b) Read the paper very much
(c) Slow down much
(d) Appear to wish for something else

6. Alex Van Ness is
(a) An old fisherman watching the trial
(b) The juror holding up the jury's decision
(c) A college friend of Ishmael's
(d) An old friend of the Miaymotos'

7. Just as the Sheriff appeared with a search warrant, Kabuo had
(a) Accidentally killed a seagull
(b) Been washing his boat
(c) Hidden his batteries away
(d) Put his fishing gaff in the hold

8. Kabuo visited Carl Heine to discuss buying back his family's property
(a) Five days after Carl bought the property
(b) Before Carl bought the property from Ole
(c) The day after Carl gave Ole Jurgensen earnest money
(d) The day the sign went up on the property

9. Carl Heine and Susan Marie Heine's marriage was a relationship based on
(a) Money
(b) Children
(c) Convenience
(d) Sex

10. Sitting at the Coast Guard office Ishmael's thoughts go back to
(a) Earlier encounters with Hatsue after the war
(b) Hid parents and their relationship
(c) His childhood days with Hatsue
(d) His encounters with Carl Heine

11. Susan Marie understands that Carl Heine needed
(a) A lot of space
(b) A large strawberry crop
(c) A boat to escape in
(d) Time to himself

12. the author describes Nels Gundersson as having
(a) A bold demeanor
(b) A degree of Alzheimers
(c) A depth of light in his good eye
(d) A terminal condition

13. Ishmael does not feel his mother can understand his
(a) Prejudice against Japanese
(b) Rage for Hatsue
(c) Emotional coldness
(d) Remorse for his actions

14. Ishmael's speech to his mother about Kabuo includes a great deal of
(a) Bias and anger toward Kabuo Miyamoto
(b) U.S. propaganda about the Japanese
(c) Resentment toward Hatsue and her mother
(d) Factual history about the Japanese culture

15. Hatsue testifies that after Kabuo's initial meeting with Carl Heine, Jr., Kabuo was
(a) Disappointed
(b) Angry
(c) Afraid
(d) Hopeful

Short Answer Questions

1. Kabuo thinks his fate is sealed because

2. After the war Hatsue learned to live with

3. The search warrant was to allow the Sheriff to search Kabuo's boat for

4. To accommodate ships in heavy fog, the Coast Guard had installed

5. Mr. Van Ness feels that Alvin Hooks' rendition of the murder is

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