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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ishmael finds among the Coast Guard records for September 15 and 16 that
(a) A large ship went off course toward anacortes
(b) The Corona heard Carl's fog warning
(c) A large ship cut through Carl Heine's fishing area
(d) The Corona hit Carl's fishing boat

2. Before he set out to fish, Kabuo put his hand on the water and
(a) Scared away a gull
(b) Prayed for luck and safety
(c) Cooled his green tea
(d) Measured its coldness

3. By pointing out his change of story, Alvin Hooks wants the jury to
(a) Dislike the defendant
(b) Remember that Japs lie
(c) Doubt Kabuo's credibility
(d) Consider Carl's wife

4. Ishmael's primary goal for this day is to
(a) Get Thursday's paper printed
(b) Find a safe, warm haven
(c) Get his power back on
(d) Keep his arm warm

5. Nels Gudmundsson includes in his closing argument an insight into
(a) How old age makes one mellower
(b) How different things are when death is near
(c) How fog makes everything distorted
(d) How injustice is passed through generations

6. Ishmael learns that the seamen who were on duty the night of Carl's death
(a) Were lost in the storm
(b) Have been transferred
(c) Are now working in Canada
(d) Were fired by the coast guard

7. Kabuo had felt he should be silent about events with Carl Heine
(a) Because the laws could change
(b) Until he was able to get an attorney
(c) Until Hatsue was able to tell her story
(d) Until after the dust had settled

8. While the Sheriff reads the shorthand notes on the Coast Guard report
(a) Abel appears to have been at the docks
(b) Abel appears to know what is going on
(c) Abel comes in to pick up Art for the trial
(d) Abel comes in to say the phones are up

9. Sitting at the Coast Guard office Ishmael's thoughts go back to
(a) His encounters with Carl Heine
(b) Earlier encounters with Hatsue after the war
(c) Hid parents and their relationship
(d) His childhood days with Hatsue

10. His arm, as well as Hatsue, have been taken from Ishmael because
(a) Of his faith in God, like his mother's
(b) Of his wish to be whole again and have Hatsue
(c) He does not believe in a higher power of good
(d) History is whimsical and immune to private yearnings

11. Helen Chambers suggests that Ishmael
(a) Move away and find a job
(b) Not involve himself in the trial
(c) Write a strong editorial about prejudice
(d) Move back in with her

12. Nels Gundersson gets Dr. Whitman to admit that the blood on the gaff is likely from
(a) Kabuo Miyamoto's hand
(b) The salmon Carl caught
(c) The wound to Carl Heine's hand
(d) The head of Carl Heine

13. Josiah Gillanders, for thirty years has been
(a) The town drunk
(b) An experienced clammer
(c) A retired fisherman
(d) An island gill-netter

14. Kabuo is arrested due to the
(a) Attitude he has taken toward the Sheriff
(b) Lack of resistance he has shown
(c) Lie about the new mooring line
(d) Discovery of a gaff with a bloody handle

15. Helen Chambers reminds Ishmael to remember all the facts so that he can
(a) Keep himself fair and balanced
(b) Allow Kabuo the dignity of a good defense
(c) Give Kabuo a break for being a soldier
(d) Stand up to the Imadas when the time comes

Short Answer Questions

1. Kabuo Miyamoto's demeanor as he looks out at the snow makes the jurors think that

2. Jury instructions from the trial judge are intended to

3. What is now discovered about Carl's boat that the Sheriff missed earlier?

4. Ishmael describes Kabuo's demeanor at trial as

5. Reviewing the errands he must run due to the storm, Ishmael plans to

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