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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Helen Chambers reminds Ishmael to remember all the facts so that he can
(a) Give Kabuo a break for being a soldier
(b) Keep himself fair and balanced
(c) Stand up to the Imadas when the time comes
(d) Allow Kabuo the dignity of a good defense

2. Alex Van Ness is
(a) An old friend of the Miaymotos'
(b) A college friend of Ishmael's
(c) An old fisherman watching the trial
(d) The juror holding up the jury's decision

3. Ishmael's father felt the islanders were forced
(a) To fish or farm, one or the other
(b) To forego an education to survive
(c) To keep their feelings suppressed
(d) Stay on the island where they were born

4. As a husband, Carl Heine, Jr. was
(a) Somewhat abusive
(b) Cold and distant
(c) Gentle and dependable
(d) Indifferent

5. Kabuo thinks his fate is sealed because
(a) He has been so quiet about Carl Heine
(b) He is hated for being Japanese
(c) His wife has told the truth on the stand
(d) Susan Marie was not sure about him

6. Reviewing the errands he must run due to the storm, Ishmael plans to
(a) Get a storm report from the Coast Guard station
(b) Offer Hatsue and her family a ride
(c) Borrow the printing press in the Seattle office
(d) Go into Anacortes for the national news

7. Alvin Hooks' witness, Dr. Sterling Whitman, is a
(a) Coroner
(b) Phlebotomist
(c) Radiologist
(d) Hematologist

8. After the war Hatsue learned to live with
(a) Kabuo not wanting children
(b) Kabuo's impotence
(c) Her husband's sorrow and guilt
(d) Her husband's poor wages

9. Before he set out to fish, Kabuo put his hand on the water and
(a) Cooled his green tea
(b) Scared away a gull
(c) Measured its coldness
(d) Prayed for luck and safety

10. Fisherman leapfrogging one another's nets are said to be
(a) Corking your off
(b) Stealing your thunder
(c) Bad fishermen
(d) Fishing you out

11. Hatsue testifies that the morning of Carl Heine's death, Kabuo came home
(a) Happy he had been able to help Carl
(b) Excited about getting his land back
(c) Worried that Carl had not come home yet
(d) Anxious to get his money from the bank

12. When Kabuo asks to buy back his land, Carl Heine tells him
(a) Absolutely not
(b) His wife will not allow it
(c) His mother hates Japs
(d) He will need to think about it

13. Why did Hatsue not notify the authorities about Kabuo's deal with Carl Heine, Jr.?
(a) It might look like Kabuo murdered Carl
(b) She did not want to upset Susan Marie
(c) It would complicate the murder trial
(d) She was afraid the deal would fall through

14. Ishmael had always pretended that his visits to his mother's home
(a) Were without strings
(b) Were just a duty
(c) Were just habit
(d) Were for her benefit

15. the author describes Nels Gundersson as having
(a) A bold demeanor
(b) A depth of light in his good eye
(c) A degree of Alzheimers
(d) A terminal condition

Short Answer Questions

1. With fog as thick as it was on the night that Carl Heine died, it was easy to

2. The search warrant was to allow the Sheriff to search Kabuo's boat for

3. After the war, Hatsue remembers the night that Kabuo

4. Regarding his meeting with Kabuo, Susan Marie testifies that her husband

5. What is now discovered about Carl's boat that the Sheriff missed earlier?

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