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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the jury is excused, Ishmael contemplates his
(a) Decision not to give Soames the report
(b) Ongoing desire for Hatsue
(c) Plan to make sure Kabuo is convicted
(d) Prejudice against all Japanese

2. Ishmael allows himself to remember
(a) His baseball cards
(b) His father's character and values
(c) Other winter storms
(d) His childhood angst

3. Kabuo and Carl make a deal for the seven acres, and seal it with
(a) A promise to return the fishing rod
(b) Friendly smiles
(c) Gripping hands together
(d) A salute

4. Sheriff Moran warns Ed Soames not to tell people
(a) About a search warrant
(b) About what he heard regarding Carl's body
(c) That he had gone to see Susan Marie
(d) That he is visiting the judge about the Heine case

5. Ishmael had always pretended that his visits to his mother's home
(a) Were without strings
(b) Were for her benefit
(c) Were just habit
(d) Were just a duty

6. At the trial, Susan Marie's demeanor inspires
(a) Anger in the courtroom
(b) Suspicion in the courtroom
(c) Sympathy in the courtroom
(d) Doubt in the jury

7. Just as the Sheriff appeared with a search warrant, Kabuo had
(a) Put his fishing gaff in the hold
(b) Hidden his batteries away
(c) Been washing his boat
(d) Accidentally killed a seagull

8. As they leave court, Nels Gudmundsson mentions to Ishmael
(a) What an admirable man he was
(b) They should pray for Ishmael's mother
(c) How much he liked Ishmael's father
(d) That he knew about Ishmael and Hatsue

9. Ishmael's speech to his mother about Kabuo includes a great deal of
(a) Factual history about the Japanese culture
(b) Bias and anger toward Kabuo Miyamoto
(c) Resentment toward Hatsue and her mother
(d) U.S. propaganda about the Japanese

10. Alvin Hooks suggests that what really happened out at sea that night was that
(a) Kabuo lured Carl Heine to his boat
(b) Kabuo forcefully boarded Carl's boat
(c) Kabuo trapped Carl in his net
(d) Kabuo tried to rob Carl Heine

11. Dr. Whitman has done an examination of
(a) The fishing gaff
(b) Susan marie's motives
(c) Kabuo's mental state
(d) Carl Heine's hand

12. Ishmael remembers that his father did not
(a) Read all of his books
(b) Read the paper very much
(c) Appear to wish for something else
(d) Slow down much

13. While the Sheriff reads the shorthand notes on the Coast Guard report
(a) Abel comes in to pick up Art for the trial
(b) Abel comes in to say the phones are up
(c) Abel appears to know what is going on
(d) Abel appears to have been at the docks

14. Helen Chambers suggests that Ishmael
(a) Not involve himself in the trial
(b) Move back in with her
(c) Move away and find a job
(d) Write a strong editorial about prejudice

15. Hatsue feels that the coffee cup found on the deck of Carl's boat indicates
(a) There was a fight in the cabin
(b) Carl was angry about something
(c) Carl was on another of his caffeine binges
(d) Something rocked the boat and knocked it down

Short Answer Questions

1. Fisherman leapfrogging one another's nets are said to be

2. When Kabuo asks to buy back his land, Carl Heine tells him

3. Outside, as the snowfall diminishes, Ishmael notices

4. On the third day of the trial, Nels Gudmundsson has

5. After the war, Hatsue remembers the night that Kabuo

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