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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. the author describes Nels Gundersson as having
(a) A bold demeanor
(b) A depth of light in his good eye
(c) A degree of Alzheimers
(d) A terminal condition

2. At the trial, Susan Marie's demeanor inspires
(a) Doubt in the jury
(b) Anger in the courtroom
(c) Sympathy in the courtroom
(d) Suspicion in the courtroom

3. In court, Judge Fielding appears to be
(a) Ill with a headache
(b) Slovenly
(c) Stressed
(d) Disinterested

4. Ole Jurgensen told Art that Kabuo had left his home
(a) Hopping mad
(b) On a mission
(c) With indifference
(d) Sad and distraught

5. Nels Gundersson gets Dr. Whitman to admit that the blood on the gaff is likely from
(a) The wound to Carl Heine's hand
(b) Kabuo Miyamoto's hand
(c) The salmon Carl caught
(d) The head of Carl Heine

6. Giving the Imadas a ride home in the snow, Ishmael learns that
(a) Hatsue has moved to a different town
(b) Hatsue is getting a divorce
(c) Hatsue and her children are in danger
(d) Hatsue is staying with her family during the trial

7. When recess is called, Judge Fielding asks
(a) The lawyers to take a long break
(b) Soames to find firewood for heat
(c) Soames to get him some lunch
(d) The lawyers to meet with him privately

8. Nels Gundersson at 79, feels as though he
(a) Has been betrayed by his body
(b) Is still a young man
(c) Is a wise and strong old man
(d) Could still have a good sex life

9. When Ishmael begged Hatsue to hold him
(a) She tells him again she does not love him
(b) She looks at him with disgust and pity
(c) She refuses to do so
(d) She holds him for just a few minutes

10. As they leave court, Nels Gudmundsson mentions to Ishmael
(a) How much he liked Ishmael's father
(b) They should pray for Ishmael's mother
(c) What an admirable man he was
(d) That he knew about Ishmael and Hatsue

11. Kabuo thinks his fate is sealed because
(a) He is hated for being Japanese
(b) He has been so quiet about Carl Heine
(c) His wife has told the truth on the stand
(d) Susan Marie was not sure about him

12. Reading, for Nels, causes a flareup of his
(a) Prostate
(b) Alzheimers
(c) Neurosis
(d) Neurasthenia

13. To accommodate ships in heavy fog, the Coast Guard had installed
(a) Flashing warning lights all along the beach
(b) Sounding boards along the beaches
(c) Radar whistle blast buoys
(d) Louder and more effective foghorns

14. Sheriff Moran warns Ed Soames not to tell people
(a) That he is visiting the judge about the Heine case
(b) About what he heard regarding Carl's body
(c) About a search warrant
(d) That he had gone to see Susan Marie

15. Kabuo Miyamoto wants to be a fisherman
(a) For the rest of his life
(b) Until he becomes wealthy
(c) Only for one more year
(d) Only until Ole sells his farm

Short Answer Questions

1. What is now discovered about Carl's boat that the Sheriff missed earlier?

2. Why did Hatsue not notify the authorities about Kabuo's deal with Carl Heine, Jr.?

3. Judge Lew Fielding admits to the jury that hearsay, even in a criminal trial, is still

4. Ishmael had always pretended that his visits to his mother's home

5. After the war Hatsue learned to live with

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