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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Helen Chambers suggests that Ishmael
(a) Move away and find a job
(b) Not involve himself in the trial
(c) Move back in with her
(d) Write a strong editorial about prejudice

2. Evidence that will turn the case completely around is found by the Sheriff
(a) In the boat's rest room
(b) On the cleats of the boat
(c) In the wood of the port gunnel
(d) On the floor of the boat's cabin

3. Judge Fielding acknowledges that Etta Heine is
(a) A hateful woman
(b) Slightly crazy
(c) A racist
(d) A dishonest person

4. Kabuo Miyamoto had not told the truth about helping Carl Heine to anyone but
(a) His wife
(b) The Sheriff
(c) His mother
(d) His attorney

5. the author describes Nels Gundersson as having
(a) A depth of light in his good eye
(b) A degree of Alzheimers
(c) A terminal condition
(d) A bold demeanor

6. Ishmael finds among the Coast Guard records for September 15 and 16 that
(a) The Corona hit Carl's fishing boat
(b) A large ship cut through Carl Heine's fishing area
(c) A large ship went off course toward anacortes
(d) The Corona heard Carl's fog warning

7. After the jury is excused, Ishmael contemplates his
(a) Decision not to give Soames the report
(b) Plan to make sure Kabuo is convicted
(c) Prejudice against all Japanese
(d) Ongoing desire for Hatsue

8. While the Sheriff reads the shorthand notes on the Coast Guard report
(a) Abel appears to have been at the docks
(b) Abel comes in to pick up Art for the trial
(c) Abel comes in to say the phones are up
(d) Abel appears to know what is going on

9. Ishmael goes to the Coast Guard station intending to look at
(a) Storm related accident reports
(b) Fog related shipping accidents
(c) Shipping accident reports
(d) Old storm records and reports

10. Ishmael remembers that his father did not
(a) Read the paper very much
(b) Read all of his books
(c) Appear to wish for something else
(d) Slow down much

11. Susan Marie understands that Carl Heine needed
(a) A lot of space
(b) A boat to escape in
(c) Time to himself
(d) A large strawberry crop

12. When Kabuo asks to buy back his land, Carl Heine tells him
(a) His mother hates Japs
(b) Absolutely not
(c) His wife will not allow it
(d) He will need to think about it

13. Josiah Gillanders, for thirty years has been
(a) An experienced clammer
(b) The town drunk
(c) An island gill-netter
(d) A retired fisherman

14. Giving the Imadas a ride home in the snow, Ishmael learns that
(a) Hatsue is getting a divorce
(b) Hatsue is staying with her family during the trial
(c) Hatsue and her children are in danger
(d) Hatsue has moved to a different town

15. Sheriff Moran warns Ed Soames not to tell people
(a) That he had gone to see Susan Marie
(b) About a search warrant
(c) About what he heard regarding Carl's body
(d) That he is visiting the judge about the Heine case

Short Answer Questions

1. Did island fishermen go aboard one another's boats out in the water?

2. Ishmael had always pretended that his visits to his mother's home

3. Helen Chambers reminds Ishmael to remember all the facts so that he can

4. Carl and Susan Marie live in a

5. Mr. Van Ness feels that Alvin Hooks' rendition of the murder is

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