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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the third day of the trial, Nels Gudmundsson has
(a) Not had a good night
(b) A terrible headache
(c) A case of the flu
(d) A respiratory problem

2. Carl Heine and Susan Marie Heine's marriage was a relationship based on
(a) Children
(b) Convenience
(c) Sex
(d) Money

3. The jurors cannot convict the defendant if there remains in their minds
(a) Any anger toward the defendant
(b) A prejudice against Japanese
(c) A premeditated decision
(d) A reasonable doubt

4. Helen Chambers suggests that Ishmael
(a) Not involve himself in the trial
(b) Write a strong editorial about prejudice
(c) Move back in with her
(d) Move away and find a job

5. Alvin Hooks' witness, Dr. Sterling Whitman, is a
(a) Coroner
(b) Radiologist
(c) Hematologist
(d) Phlebotomist

6. Ishmael finds among the Coast Guard records for September 15 and 16 that
(a) The Corona hit Carl's fishing boat
(b) A large ship went off course toward anacortes
(c) The Corona heard Carl's fog warning
(d) A large ship cut through Carl Heine's fishing area

7. Evidence that will turn the case completely around is found by the Sheriff
(a) On the cleats of the boat
(b) In the wood of the port gunnel
(c) In the boat's rest room
(d) On the floor of the boat's cabin

8. Revisiting the old cedar tree of his youth, Ishmael realizes clearly that
(a) His youth lay in the empty cedar tree
(b) He had no business coming to this tree
(c) Passionate affairs are for the young
(d) The beauty of the world is in its cold silence

9. Ishmael does not feel his mother can understand his
(a) Rage for Hatsue
(b) Prejudice against Japanese
(c) Emotional coldness
(d) Remorse for his actions

10. Fisherman leapfrogging one another's nets are said to be
(a) Fishing you out
(b) Bad fishermen
(c) Corking your off
(d) Stealing your thunder

11. At the trial, Susan Marie's demeanor inspires
(a) Suspicion in the courtroom
(b) Anger in the courtroom
(c) Sympathy in the courtroom
(d) Doubt in the jury

12. When Ishmael begged Hatsue to hold him
(a) She holds him for just a few minutes
(b) She refuses to do so
(c) She tells him again she does not love him
(d) She looks at him with disgust and pity

13. Arthur Chambers was an organized man who
(a) Disliked his job
(b) Never learned craftsmanship
(c) Led a busy and productive life
(d) Skipped an education

14. Outside, as the snowfall diminishes, Ishmael notices
(a) The blind chaos in the world
(b) The debris and mess from the wind
(c) How bright the sun has become
(d) Things remain the same

15. How did Carl Heine, Jr. die?
(a) The wake from a large ship knocked him off his mast
(b) The wake from a large ship capsized his boat
(c) The wake from a large shipped threw him overboard
(d) The wake from a large ship drowned him

Short Answer Questions

1. The persistent wind from this current storm makes the islanders

2. When Hooks excuses Hatsue, she is prevented from

3. Mr. Van Ness feels that Alvin Hooks' rendition of the murder is

4. Ishmael's speech to his mother about Kabuo includes a great deal of

5. Ishmael's mother, Helen Chambers, is

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