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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Carl Heine is described as being
(a) A careless individual
(b) Very gregarious
(c) Meticulously clean
(d) Tidy and respectable

2. Nels opens up the possibility that the wound on Carl's head could have come from
(a) A drunken stagger
(b) A fall before he went over
(c) Propulsion rather than a blow
(d) A broken mast

3. Nels Gundersson gets Horace Whaley to admit that
(a) A rounded object hit Carl's hand
(b) Carl was dead before he went into the ocean
(c) Carl's head wound caused his death
(d) Carl Heine died from drowning

4. Ishmael believes his love for Hatsue is
(a) Immoral
(b) Frightening
(c) Preordained
(d) A mistake

5. Hatsue visits the hollow cedar throughout her childhood to
(a) Meet boys
(b) Take daytime naps
(c) Make her parents worry
(d) Think

6. On the first afternoon of the trial, the Japanese driver of the disabled school bus
(a) Helped a boy with a broken ankle
(b) Broke up a snowball fight
(c) Helped with a chimney fire
(d) Walked the students to their homes

7. In the courtroom, the Japanese attendees sat
(a) In the front rows behind the defendant
(b) At the back of the room
(c) Scattered about the room
(d) In a tight group behind the jury box

8. When Ishmael complains about the Japanese,
(a) His father includes his comments in the newspaper
(b) His mother tells him to calm himself
(c) He decides he also hates Hatsue's family
(d) Hatsue reminds him she is Japanese

9. The people of Amity Harbor are frightened about the possibility of
(a) The Japanese confiscating their boats
(b) Being attacked by the Japanese
(c) Being attacked from within
(d) The Japanese moving ashore with weapons

10. The U.S. Relocation Authority announced that Japanese islanders
(a) Were enemies of the country
(b) Were ordered into internment
(c) Were to forfeit their land
(d) Were to join the army or go home

11. Sheriff Moran testifies that he
(a) Spoke with Etta Heine
(b) Was told that Etta was dangerous
(c) Tried to talk with Etta Heine
(d) Saw Etta Heine at the scene

12. When Ishmael and Hatsue begin to make love, Hatsue realizes
(a) She can't let him have his own way
(b) Only bad things will come of this
(c) Nothing is right about it
(d) She could get into further trouble

13. Ishmael tells Hatsue her hair smells like
(a) Clams
(b) Cedar
(c) Flowers
(d) Strawberries

14. Ole and Leisel Jurgensen had two visitors on the same day--September 7. They were
(a) Etta Heine and Carl Heine, Sr.
(b) Susan Marie Heine and Etta Heine
(c) Carl Heine, Sr. and Kabuo Miyamoto
(d) Kabuo Miyamoto and Carl Heine, Jr.

15. San Piedro's hills are green with
(a) Pine and fir forest
(b) Mint farming
(c) Agriculture
(d) Cedar trees

Short Answer Questions

1. As a gesture toward his customers, Einar Petersen offered

2. Hatsue tells Ishmael they have both gotten good at

3. Although Ishmael claims to love her, Hatsue wants to be

4. The weather conditions on the water on the night of the murder are

5. Etta Heine met her husband, Carl, in

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