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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ishmael Chambers suffers from
(a) Low self-esteem
(b) Phantom limb pain
(c) A prostate condition
(d) Denervation of the limb

2. On the third day of the trial, Nels Gudmundsson has
(a) Not had a good night
(b) A respiratory problem
(c) A terrible headache
(d) A case of the flu

3. After the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese on San Piedro Island
(a) Stopped working in the fields
(b) Pledged their loyaty to the U.S.
(c) Began to chant and meditate
(d) Locked themselves in their homes

4. The persistent wind from this current storm makes the islanders
(a) Withdrawn and distant
(b) Paranoid and skittish
(c) Cold and hungry
(d) Irritable and impatient

5. Among other ailments, attorney Nels Gundersson
(a) Is missing one arm
(b) Is blind in one eye
(c) Is partially crippled
(d) Is partially deaf

Short Answer Questions

1. Sheriff Moran warns Ed Soames not to tell people

2. Why didn't Kabuo remember getting an extra battery before he went fishing on the morning of his arrest?

3. Hatsue tells Ishmael they have both gotten good at

4. Perhaps Kabuo's worst lingering memory of the war was

5. Judge Fielding acknowledges that Etta Heine is

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