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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As children, Hatsue and Ishmael hunt together for
(a) Oysters
(b) Horses
(c) Geoducks
(d) Mallard ducks

2. As Japanese Americans are being arrested, Ishmael blindly thinks
(a) He can save Hatsue
(b) All Japanese workers will be exempt
(c) The government will not bother with San Piedro
(d) That he and Hatsue will be together forever

3. By pointing out his change of story, Alvin Hooks wants the jury to
(a) Remember that Japs lie
(b) Dislike the defendant
(c) Consider Carl's wife
(d) Doubt Kabuo's credibility

4. Etta Heine met her husband, Carl, in
(a) Seattle
(b) North Dakota
(c) Bavaria
(d) San Piedro

5. Kabuo feels he will be exiled from his family in order to
(a) Free them from his own depression
(b) Feel better about the crimes he has committed
(c) Make them better appreciate him
(d) Pay a debt to the dead in Italy

Short Answer Questions

1. Kabuo thinks his fate is sealed because

2. Helen Chambers reminds Ishmael to remember all the facts so that he can

3. When a new wave of amtracs came on the beach, Ishmael was

4. Horace Whaley testifies that the cut to Carl's hand was

5. Hatsue testifies that after Kabuo's initial meeting with Carl Heine, Jr., Kabuo was

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