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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Etta does not want Carl to sell any acreage to Zenhichi Miyamoto because
(a) He might let the land fail
(b) He lives carelessly
(c) He is Japanese and she is racist
(d) He is not trustworthy

2. Sheriff Moran warns Ed Soames not to tell people
(a) About a search warrant
(b) That he had gone to see Susan Marie
(c) That he is visiting the judge about the Heine case
(d) About what he heard regarding Carl's body

3. Judge Lew Fielding admits to the jury that hearsay, even in a criminal trial, is still
(a) Inadmissable
(b) A shady area
(c) A crime
(d) Intolerable

4. Ishmael's speech to his mother about Kabuo includes a great deal of
(a) Resentment toward Hatsue and her mother
(b) U.S. propaganda about the Japanese
(c) Bias and anger toward Kabuo Miyamoto
(d) Factual history about the Japanese culture

5. Whaley challenges Art Moran and asks him if he wants to play
(a) Coroner
(b) Sherlock Holmes
(c) In a fishing contest
(d) Kendo stick games

Short Answer Questions

1. Hatsue tells Ishmael they have both gotten good at

2. The weather conditions on the water on the night of the murder are

3. On the first afternoon of the trial, the Japanese driver of the disabled school bus

4. Ishmael goes to the Coast Guard station intending to look at

5. Fisherman leapfrogging one another's nets are said to be

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