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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sheriff Moran warns Ed Soames not to tell people
(a) About what he heard regarding Carl's body
(b) That he had gone to see Susan Marie
(c) That he is visiting the judge about the Heine case
(d) About a search warrant

2. As children, Hatsue and Ishmael hunt together for
(a) Horses
(b) Oysters
(c) Mallard ducks
(d) Geoducks

3. Liesel Jurgensen thought Susan Marie would be happy Carl bought the farm because
(a) They have two strong children for picking
(b) It was the Heine's old farm
(c) Fisherman are always gone at night
(d) She loves strawberries

4. When Ishmael and Hatsue begin to make love, Hatsue realizes
(a) Only bad things will come of this
(b) She can't let him have his own way
(c) Nothing is right about it
(d) She could get into further trouble

5. In court, Judge Fielding appears to be
(a) Ill with a headache
(b) Stressed
(c) Disinterested
(d) Slovenly

Short Answer Questions

1. Susan Marie understands that Carl Heine needed

2. After the kiss on the beach, Ishmael finds himself

3. Ishmael learns that the seamen who were on duty the night of Carl's death

4. Hatsue tells Ishmael they have both gotten good at

5. Twelve years later, Hatsue, ironically, sees Ishmael with

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