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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Kabuo constantly look inward at himself?
(a) He is angry
(b) He is very self-conscious
(c) He is guilty of murder during the war
(d) He is proud to be Japanese

2. When Carl Heine's boat was found,
(a) The batteries were dead
(b) All the lights were on
(c) It would not start
(d) It was full of water

3. As children, Hatsue and Ishmael hunt together for
(a) Oysters
(b) Mallard ducks
(c) Horses
(d) Geoducks

4. Etta Heine testifies that her family and the Miyamotos were
(a) Childhood friends
(b) Acquaintances
(c) Enemies
(d) Distant friends

5. The adolescent Ishmael accepted the inevitability of
(a) Losing Hatsue to her culture
(b) Being separated from Hatsue
(c) Having a physical relationship with Hatsue
(d) Loving Hatsue forever

Short Answer Questions

1. Amity Harbor is

2. The weather conditions on the water on the night of the murder are

3. Why does Horace Whaley suggest that Carl's head wound was from a gun butt or stick?

4. Although Ishmael claims to love her, Hatsue wants to be

5. Carl Heine is described as being

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