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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Ishmael and Hatsue begin to make love, Hatsue realizes
(a) She could get into further trouble
(b) She can't let him have his own way
(c) Only bad things will come of this
(d) Nothing is right about it

2. Etta Heine testifies that her family and the Miyamotos were
(a) Enemies
(b) Acquaintances
(c) Childhood friends
(d) Distant friends

3. Ishmael Chambers is a
(a) Local reporter
(b) A bailiff
(c) A juror
(d) A judge

4. Kabuo feels he will be exiled from his family in order to
(a) Pay a debt to the dead in Italy
(b) Make them better appreciate him
(c) Feel better about the crimes he has committed
(d) Free them from his own depression

5. Carl Heine is described as being
(a) A careless individual
(b) Very gregarious
(c) Tidy and respectable
(d) Meticulously clean

Short Answer Questions

1. Hatsue visits the hollow cedar throughout her childhood to

2. Fujiko is furious that Hatsue was seeing a white boy, but also because

3. Upon seeing Carl Heine's corpse, Abel Martinson

4. During the time that Kabuo is in jail

5. Art Moran does not want Ishmael to let on

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