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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Among other ailments, attorney Nels Gundersson
(a) Is partially crippled
(b) Is partially deaf
(c) Is blind in one eye
(d) Is missing one arm

2. Over a period of four years, Ishmael and Hatsue met and spent time
(a) At the beach
(b) Out in the strawberry fields
(c) In a hollow cedar tree
(d) After school in a field

3. The weather conditions on the water on the night of the murder are
(a) Extreme wind
(b) Clear and calm
(c) Heavy fog
(d) Heavy snow

4. After the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese on San Piedro Island
(a) Pledged their loyaty to the U.S.
(b) Locked themselves in their homes
(c) Stopped working in the fields
(d) Began to chant and meditate

5. Why did Kabuo's father bury the swords and other belongings in the strawberry field?
(a) He wanted to claim the land for his own
(b) He thought he could preserve his personal history
(c) He knew they would be taken from him because of the war
(d) He wanted to bury everything from his past

Short Answer Questions

1. Etta Heine met her husband, Carl, in

2. Hatsue's father is frightened by the Pearl Harbor news and

3. When Carl, Sr. had a stroke, Etta jumped at the chance to

4. In daydreams in his jail cell, Kabuo wanders around

5. Virginia Gatewood looked, to Ishmael, like

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