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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Horace Whaley suggest that Carl's head wound was from a gun butt or stick?
(a) He immediately wants to incriminate Kabuo
(b) He knows Carl knew how to fight with sticks
(c) He is hoping to find a Japanese killer
(d) He saw such wounds in the war

2. After the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese on San Piedro Island
(a) Pledged their loyaty to the U.S.
(b) Began to chant and meditate
(c) Stopped working in the fields
(d) Locked themselves in their homes

3. During the time that Kabuo is in jail
(a) His four year old daughter starts school
(b) His baby son learns to walk
(c) His daughter becomes Strawberry queen
(d) His wife meets daily with Sheriff Moran

4. When Ishmael complains about the Japanese,
(a) He decides he also hates Hatsue's family
(b) His father includes his comments in the newspaper
(c) His mother tells him to calm himself
(d) Hatsue reminds him she is Japanese

5. As a coroner, Horace Whaley
(a) Has never done an autopsy
(b) Has seen many dead bodies
(c) Has seen only two dead bodies
(d) Knows very little about drowning

Short Answer Questions

1. Nels Gundersson gets Horace Whaley to admit that

2. Ishmael, as a boy, tells Hatsue that the oceans

3. Ishmael's father prints instructions in his paper about

4. Nels opens up the possibility that the wound on Carl's head could have come from

5. Etta does not want Carl to sell any acreage to Zenhichi Miyamoto because

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