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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Carl Heine, Jr. sealed his deal with Ole by giving him
(a) A note and a handshake
(b) Eight hundred dollars and a note
(c) A signed note
(d) A thousand dollars down

2. Land leased by Miyamoto was to go to Kabuo when
(a) Kabuo reached the age of twenty
(b) Half the payments were made
(c) Etta said it was time
(d) The war started

3. Ishmael Chambers is a
(a) A bailiff
(b) Local reporter
(c) A juror
(d) A judge

4. The adolescent Ishmael accepted the inevitability of
(a) Loving Hatsue forever
(b) Losing Hatsue to her culture
(c) Being separated from Hatsue
(d) Having a physical relationship with Hatsue

5. The people of Amity Harbor are frightened about the possibility of
(a) Being attacked from within
(b) The Japanese confiscating their boats
(c) The Japanese moving ashore with weapons
(d) Being attacked by the Japanese

Short Answer Questions

1. Nels Gundersson gets Horace Whaley to admit that

2. Whaley challenges Art Moran and asks him if he wants to play

3. The Alien Land Law

4. The U.S. Relocation Authority announced that Japanese islanders

5. The knife sheath found on Carl Heine's body

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