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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Etta does not want Carl to sell any acreage to Zenhichi Miyamoto because
(a) He might let the land fail
(b) He is Japanese and she is racist
(c) He is not trustworthy
(d) He lives carelessly

2. As a young child, Hatsue was carefully trained to
(a) Walk like a model
(b) Avoid showing her feelings
(c) Teach literature
(d) Wield a kendo stick

3. In daydreams in his jail cell, Kabuo wanders around
(a) Manzanar
(b) Piedo Island and the sea
(c) Italy
(d) Seattle

4. Ole Jurgensen wants to sell his farm now because
(a) He wants to live in the city
(b) He has had a stroke
(c) He wants to move on to better things
(d) His interest in farming has waned

5. Etta Heine met her husband, Carl, in
(a) Bavaria
(b) San Piedro
(c) Seattle
(d) North Dakota

Short Answer Questions

1. During the time that Kabuo is in jail

2. After the kiss on the beach, Ishmael finds himself

3. Why did Kabuo's father bury the swords and other belongings in the strawberry field?

4. Ole and Leisel Jurgensen had two visitors on the same day--September 7. They were

5. The Alien Land Law

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