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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hatsue's father is frightened by the Pearl Harbor news and
(a) Makes the family turn out the lights
(b) Arms himself with swords and knives
(c) Searches the sky for planes
(d) Takes cover in the family's basement

2. Ole and Leisel Jurgensen had two visitors on the same day--September 7. They were
(a) Etta Heine and Carl Heine, Sr.
(b) Carl Heine, Sr. and Kabuo Miyamoto
(c) Kabuo Miyamoto and Carl Heine, Jr.
(d) Susan Marie Heine and Etta Heine

3. Kabuo feels he will be exiled from his family in order to
(a) Pay a debt to the dead in Italy
(b) Free them from his own depression
(c) Make them better appreciate him
(d) Feel better about the crimes he has committed

4. In the courtroom, the Japanese attendees sat
(a) Scattered about the room
(b) In a tight group behind the jury box
(c) In the front rows behind the defendant
(d) At the back of the room

5. Ishmael Chambers returned from the war
(a) Unscathed
(b) With brain injuries
(c) Missing an arm
(d) Unable to walk

Short Answer Questions

1. Although Ishmael claims to love her, Hatsue wants to be

2. Upon seeing Carl Heine's corpse, Abel Martinson

3. After the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese on San Piedro Island

4. Whaley challenges Art Moran and asks him if he wants to play

5. The defendant in this murder trial is

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