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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By 1907, the Port Jefferson Mill records referred to the Japanese workers as
(a) "Jap" and a characteristic
(b) Jap staffers
(c) Jap slaves
(d) "Jap" and a number

2. Ishmael wants very much to talk to
(a) The defendant, himself
(b) The defendant's wife
(c) The defendant's son
(d) The defendant's father

3. The darkness in Carl Heine's personality, as well as in Horace Whaley's is a result of
(a) Working on the island since childhood
(b) Fighting in World War II
(c) Mistrust and suspicion
(d) Fishing and eking out a living

4. The weather conditions on the water on the night of the murder are
(a) Heavy fog
(b) Extreme wind
(c) Heavy snow
(d) Clear and calm

5. In the time of the Japanese islanders' grandparents, the U.S. census
(a) Ignored the Japanese population
(b) Renamed all the Japanese with American names
(c) Gave the Japanese joke names
(d) Reported a higher number of Japanese than were there

Short Answer Questions

1. As a coroner, Horace Whaley

2. In the courtroom, the Japanese attendees sat

3. Amity Harbor is

4. Carl Heine is described as being

5. Horace Whaley testifies that the cut to Carl's hand was

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