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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Prior to the battle at Tarawa, Ishmael's attitude toward the war was somewhat
(a) Fearful
(b) Cynical
(c) Enthusiastic
(d) Indifferent

2. With fog as thick as it was on the night that Carl Heine died, it was easy to
(a) Bump into other boats
(b) Scoop up lots of salmon
(c) Become lost for days
(d) Become totally disoriented

3. Ishmael's job as a marine was that of
(a) A cargo handler
(b) A radioman
(c) A lieutenant
(d) A medic

4. Kabuo feels he will be exiled from his family in order to
(a) Free them from his own depression
(b) Feel better about the crimes he has committed
(c) Pay a debt to the dead in Italy
(d) Make them better appreciate him

5. Upon seeing Carl Heine's corpse, Abel Martinson
(a) Ran
(b) Cried
(c) Vomited
(d) Screamed

Short Answer Questions

1. Etta Heine met her husband, Carl, in

2. When a new wave of amtracs came on the beach, Ishmael was

3. Judge Lew Fielding admits to the jury that hearsay, even in a criminal trial, is still

4. Kabuo visited Carl Heine to discuss buying back his family's property

5. Dr. Whitman has done an examination of

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