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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Carl Heine is described as being
(a) A careless individual
(b) Tidy and respectable
(c) Meticulously clean
(d) Very gregarious

2. Ishmael's illness in South Carolina allowed him to
(a) Recuperate from his emotional pain
(b) Gather strength for the war
(c) Suffer the way he wanted to
(d) Rest before he saw combat

3. As a gesture toward his customers, Einar Petersen offered
(a) Free coffee
(b) A warm woodstove
(c) Donuts
(d) Free canned goods

4. Nels opens up the possibility that the wound on Carl's head could have come from
(a) A drunken stagger
(b) A broken mast
(c) Propulsion rather than a blow
(d) A fall before he went over

5. Kabuo thinks his fate is sealed because
(a) Susan Marie was not sure about him
(b) He is hated for being Japanese
(c) He has been so quiet about Carl Heine
(d) His wife has told the truth on the stand

Short Answer Questions

1. In daydreams in his jail cell, Kabuo wanders around

2. Gillanders speculates that Kabuo could not have

3. Over a period of four years, Ishmael and Hatsue met and spent time

4. Prior to the battle at Tarawa, Ishmael's attitude toward the war was somewhat

5. When Carl, Sr. had a stroke, Etta jumped at the chance to

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