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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Nels opens up the possibility that the wound on Carl's head could have come from
(a) A fall before he went over
(b) A broken mast
(c) Propulsion rather than a blow
(d) A drunken stagger

2. Fisherman leapfrogging one another's nets are said to be
(a) Bad fishermen
(b) Fishing you out
(c) Stealing your thunder
(d) Corking your off

3. Among other ailments, attorney Nels Gundersson
(a) Is missing one arm
(b) Is partially crippled
(c) Is partially deaf
(d) Is blind in one eye

4. As a young child, Hatsue was carefully trained to
(a) Teach literature
(b) Walk like a model
(c) Avoid showing her feelings
(d) Wield a kendo stick

5. The U.S. Relocation Authority announced that Japanese islanders
(a) Were ordered into internment
(b) Were to forfeit their land
(c) Were to join the army or go home
(d) Were enemies of the country

Short Answer Questions

1. Nels Gundersson gets Dr. Whitman to admit that the blood on the gaff is likely from

2. Land leased by Miyamoto was to go to Kabuo when

3. Etta does not want Carl to sell any acreage to Zenhichi Miyamoto because

4. Carl Heine is described as being

5. When his arm was amputated, Ishmael's anger seems to be directed toward

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