Snow Falling on Cedars Character Descriptions

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Helen Chambers

Ishmael's mother

Ishmael Chambers

Newspaper reporter for the island of San Piedro

Nels Gudmundsson

Kabuo's appointed defense attorney

Carl Heine, Jr.

Subject of an Amity Harbor murder trial

Carl Heine, Sr.

Made an arrangement with Zenhichi leasing him seven acres of land

Etta Heine

The widow of an elder character

Susan Marie Heine

The widow of a younger character.

Alvin Hooks

The prosecuting attorney

Fujiko Imada

Hatsue's mother

Hisao Imada

Hatsue's father

Abel Martinson

The Sheriff's Deputy

Hatsue Miyamoto

Kabuo's wife

Kabuo Miyamoto

Stands accused of the murder of a fellow fisherman

Zenhichi Miyamoto

Kabuo's father

Art Moran

The county sheriff

Horace Whaley

A local doctor who also serves as a coroner.

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