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• On a snowy morning, Kabuo Miyamoto sits in a crowded Amity Harbor courtroom at his murder trial, before a jury and Judge Llewellyn Fielding.

• The author reveals the history of the island, San Piedro, a generally peaceful area, and Amity Harbor, the island's only town.

• Among the news reporters is Ishmael Chambers, who tries to speak to Kabuo's wife, Hatsue, but is rejected and hushed by her.

• County sheriff Art Moran testifies about Carl Heine's fishing boat being sighted adrift with its fishing lights on in White Sand Bay on September 16, the day Heine died.

• Moran and his deputy Abel Martinson found the empty boat with a marine battery and coffee cup on the floor, and determine Carl fell overboard..

• Carl had been a a gunner during the US invasion of Okinawa and came home to be a gill netter and churchgoing family man, his mother...

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