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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ka hurry to his hotel to do after seeing Necip for the first time in the book?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Eat.
(c) Write.
(d) Read.

2. What is the name of the former Communist and writer who was onstage with Sunay during the play?
(a) Turgut Bey.
(b) Ferhat.
(c) Z Demirkol.
(d) Sunay Zaim.

3. What kind of nationalists does Ka continue to tell Blue he needs joint support of along with the ex-Communists?
(a) Syrian.
(b) African.
(c) Islamist.
(d) Kurdish.

4. What is the name of Funda's husband?
(a) Sunay Zaim.
(b) Surab.
(c) Rustem.
(d) Blue.

5. What political party did Ipek's father once belong to?
(a) Islamist.
(b) Socialist.
(c) Communist.
(d) Republican.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Ka ask to stop to write down a poem when being driven to another facility to identify the Director of Education's killer?

2. Which of the following places does Ipek not tell Ka was raided after the revolution at the theater?

3. Who does Ipek bring Ka a letter from when she comes to tell him the director's condition has worsened?

4. What prevents the horse and carriage taking Kadife and Turgut to a meeting with Blue from leaving right away?

5. Who do Ka and Ipek realize they have both recently lost that seems to break the ice between them?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the bus driver reluctant to let Ka on the bus at the beginning of the book?

2. What is the nature of Ka and Fazil's conversation when Fazil approaches him in the library?

3. How is the director described after he meets a man in an elevator in a story that Necip tells Ka?

4. What is the nature of Orhan Bey's visit to Kars?

5. How does Kadife search Ka for a microphone when he meets with her in a storage room at a hotel?

6. What is the nature of Ipek and Ka's conversation when she comes to tell him the director's condition has worsened?

7. What do Z Dimerkol and two Turkish militants do to Ka after he leaves the National Theater after his speech?

8. What does Ka do with the letters he promised Necip that he would give to Kadife in a stationary store?

9. What is the nature of Ka's conversation with the sheikh when he first sees him at the Green Pastures café?

10. What is the nature of Funda Esers' skit called "My Fatherland or My Headscarf?

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