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1. Why is the bus driver reluctant to let Ka on the bus at the beginning of the book?

The bus driver is reluctant to let Ka on board the bus at the beginning of the book because he is too late to stow his bag in the luggage area and the bus has to leave immediately, but he is let on board anyway.

2. What reason does Ka tell his fellow seatmate for why he is going to Kars during the bus ride there?

Ka tells his fellow seatmate during the bus ride that he is going to Kars because he is a journalist going there to cover stories about the municipal elections and the suicides of young girls.

3. What is the nature of Ka's first meeting with Serdar Bey in the book?

When Ka first meets the owner of the local newspaper, Serdar Bey, he tells Ka that he knows where he's been around town because he was being followed by the police and the Islamic movement wants to turn Turkey into Iran; so his newspaper is printing articles about events that haven't happened yet.

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