Snow Character Descriptions

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Ka (Kerim Alakusoglu) Bey

This person is the main character of the novel and is an exiled poet.


This person is described as very beautiful, liberated, and does not wear a head scarf.


This person was a model in Istanbul but turned religious when she came to live in Kars with her father and sister.


This person is a volatile and charismatic Islamic revolutionary from Turkey.

Turgut Bey

This person is an ex-Communist who spent time in jail for his beliefs and was terrified of returning to Turkey.


This person is killed the night of the coup when he stands in the back of the theater trying to get people to stop shooting.


This person is quiet, loves books, and doesn't like violence.

Sunay Zaim

This person was an actor who had been performing for more than twenty years in every city or...

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