Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Short Essay - Answer Key

Lisa See
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1. What does the narrator, Lily, say about what caused every problem in her life?

Lily says that the need for love caused her problems in life, starting when she was a young child and had her feet bound. Throughout her life, she went along with what was expected of her and hoped to receive love in exchange for it.

2. At the beginning of the novel, what does Lily say interests her now?

Now that she is a widow of eighty-years-old, Lily is only interested in the past. She can finally tell her story without worrying about offending anyone. She feels she has nothing to lose.

3. Describe Lily's childhood home.

Lily's childhood home was filled with siblings, her parents, aunt and uncle, and grandmother. She says her mother paid no attention to her and that her aunt and uncle provided the only cheerfulness in the house. Lily lived in the women's chamber on the upstairs floor with her sisters and cousin.

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