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Lisa See
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Catching Cool Breezes and Beautiful Moon.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lily teach Snow Flower when she is visiting Lily's home in "Love"?
(a) How to embroider.
(b) How to behave politely.
(c) How to do household chores.
(d) How to read.

2. What was the ideal length of a bound foot for a girl?
(a) Twenty-five centimeters.
(b) Twenty centimeters.
(c) Fifteen centimeters.
(d) Seven centimeters.

3. Why does Madame Wang take Lily and Snow Flower to the fair at the Temple of Gupo?
(a) To play with other girls their age.
(b) To go to a river for a picnic.
(c) To write their contracts.
(d) To get some outdoor exercise.

4. What does Madame Wang tell Snow Flower to do for Beautiful Moon after she has died?
(a) Leave for her own home.
(b) Recite poems.
(c) Wrap her in muslin.
(d) Retrieve her future husband.

5. Who is Lily?
(a) Matchmaker.
(b) Narrator.
(c) Servant.
(d) Mother to Snow Flower.

Short Answer Questions

1. What clothing does Snow Flower change into when she visits Lily in "Learning"?

2. What is a palanquin?

3. What does Lily think will make her more marriageable?

4. What did Third Sister do when her mother wanted to bind her feet?

5. What occupation did Snow Flower's great-grandfather have?

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