Daily Lessons for Teaching Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Lisa See
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Lesson 1 (from Sitting Quietly and Milk Years)


Sitting Quietly and Milk Years

Lily, as the widowed, eighty-year-old narrator, looks back on her past. She says she can now say things freely without offending anyone. Her central confession is that she longed for love her entire life, and that she did what was expected of her in order to win this love. This lesson will explore Lily's desire for love.


1) Class Discussion: Lily says her "unjustified desire" for love was at the root of every problem she experienced in life. As a girl and a woman, she believes her desire for love was "not right," but she did what others told her to do to try and be worthy of their love. Discuss with the class the examples Lily provides about how she sought love as a young girl. Where does she find it? Who turns her away? What moments of pain does...

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