Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lisa See
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Essay Topic 1

Describe the details of Lily's footbinding. What is Lily's reaction to it? How was this process a way to keep girls submissive and obedient?

Essay Topic 2

What does nu shu represent in Lily's life? Discuss its uses and the way it broadens Lily's world. How is writing a way for her voice to be heard?

Essay Topic 3

Lily says that all the problems in her life were caused because she was looking for love. Discuss the problems that Lily created because of her need for love.

Essay Topic 4

Describe one setting of the novel and its importance in a character's life. How does this setting influence or change this character? Use specific details of setting to support your point.

Essay Topic 5

What is the contract that Lily and Snow Flower write? How do they uphold this contract through the years? What makes Lily think that Snow...

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