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Short Answer Questions

1. What is odd about Y.T.'s abduction?

2. What really seems to disturb Hiro?

3. What are the names of the two women that accompany Y.T.?

4. Who would be waiting for anyone else who wanted to come in and finish the job that Raven started?

5. Where does Y.T. see Raven?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some possible reasons for Uncle Enzo to seek revenge against L. Bob Rife?

2. The Mafia man who has already met Y.T. earlier in the story now describes to Hiro in depth the five phase plan. What is it?

3. How does Hiro view Reason, and how can it be fixed?

4. How does Fido sacrifice himself for Y.T.?

5. How does Hiro manage to create an antidote to Snow Crash? Why do you think he didn't do this before and save himself the majority of the trouble?

6. How does Hiro release the Nam-Shub of Enki?

7. Fisheye tells Hiro that he is sure the pirates would listen to reason. Why would pirates listen to reason?

8. How does Hiro disarm the Snow Crash bomb?

9. What do Raven and Y.T. have in common?

10. What are possible reasons for Y.T.'s abduction to the Raft?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Crips are actually an L.A. based gang. Discuss reasons why such a role would be occupied by a gang that exists in the real world. Discuss the use of this group of characters and what it reflects upon their society.

Essay Topic 2

Despite Y.T.'s knowing who Raven is and what he is capable of, she finds herself extremely attracted to him. Suggest reasons why this may be the case. Put yourself in the place of either character. Do you think you would feel the same? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Think about the Raft gargoyles. What do you think would inspire someone without Juanita's motivations to mutilate themselves in such a fashion? If you think nothing could, speculate on how the multitudes of wireheads came to be.

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