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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Against whom is Uncle Enzo fighting?
(a) Raven
(b) Yogi
(c) Igor
(d) L. Bob Rife

2. What does Y.T. notice about people that are brainwashed?
(a) They smell bad.
(b) They eat raw fish that they scoop from the ocean.
(c) They never meet her in the eye.
(d) They are dirty.

3. How were Raven and Hiro's fathers blinded?
(a) They ran into a tree in the dark and got their eyes punctured by low branches.
(b) They were subjected to torture in which their eyes were removed.
(c) The Americans dropped the bomb on Nagasaki.
(d) They were both born that way.

4. What happens to Rife?
(a) He is apprehended and in Uncle Enzo's custody.
(b) He turns himself in.
(c) He escapes.
(d) He gets blown up when Fido jumps into the plane's jet engines.

5. What do the 'Raft Gargoyles' do?
(a) They anticipate attacks.
(b) They wander around aimlessly.
(c) They dance.
(d) They communicate with each other and control the masses on the raft.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Hiro find in the Metaverse?

2. How many nude women hold scrolls when the bomb is deployed?

3. What program does Hiro find particularity useful?

4. How does Hiro disable the Snow Crash bomb?

5. Who picks Y.T. up from the airport?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is a possible reason Hiro would take the inflatable dinghy to navigate the waters around the Raft rather than the powered boat?

2. What do Raven and Y.T. have in common?

3. How was glossalia suppressed?

4. What are some of the perks of a relationship with Raven?

5. Why would the appearance of Raven be a welcome distraction to Y.T.?

6. How do the Kouriers come to Y.T.'s rescue?

7. How does Hiro view Reason, and how can it be fixed?

8. How does Hiro manage to create an antidote to Snow Crash? Why do you think he didn't do this before and save himself the majority of the trouble?

9. What are possible reasons for Y.T.'s abduction to the Raft?

10. How does Hiro disarm the Snow Crash bomb?

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